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Facebook Ads – 9 Secrets the Pros Use to Create Great Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads – 9 Secrets The Pros Use To Create Great Facebook Ad

Are you wondering why your Facebook ads are lacking on visibility, and may not be enough?

Positioning your business on Facebook is a wise step, but attracting and keeping your target audience is wiser! That is your ultimate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your Facebook Ad Copies.

If you want to know the secrets of the pros who make huge revenues from their Facebook advertising, read through this post!

To ensure that your choice is a successful one, there are three key questions you should always ask before making any decisions. This blog post will discuss three essential questions. This will provide you with all the information you need to select a construction marketing agency. You will be able to make an informed decision.

So How Do The Pros Do It? Here Are The 9 Secrets!

1. Perfectly Match Your Copy To Funnel Focus.

Ensure your Facebook ads match your specific types of users or your target audience. Make your image speak directly to your specific audience.

For example, if your target audience is 16 – 20 year old girls, having images of a retirement community or a Tilley hat probably isn’t the right direction you want to go in.

2. Consistently Align Your Copy And Visuals.

Building on the point above, did you know that approximately 65% of the world’s population are visual learners? Also, visual information has greater retention in memory compared to written or spoken information. Why? Because advertisements are highly visual.

Aesthetically, Facebook ads or posts should be appealing. Just make sure that it’s content should be consistently relevant to the image bearing the key message of your product.

3. Conduct A/B Split Testing.

Test which copy influences a certain segment in your target audience the most. For example, if your main target audience is women in general, they can still be segmented based on age groups – boomers, millennials, and Gen Z.

If one of your copy receives more responses to your Calls to Action (CTAs) from the Gen Z audience, then you might as well maximize that copy during your campaign.

4. Track Your Facebook Ad Conversions Well With Facebook Pixel.

Grab more actions and re-engagements from your target audience as you gain a thorough knowledge of their interactions with your websites and Facebook ads through Facebook Pixel.

5. Prioritize “Clicks” Over “Brand”.

Allow your ad copy to directly convey the value that your products and services offer. As they say, make the first impression last!

6. Check Your Copy’s Relevance Score On Facebook.

Let this tool help you know the quality of the response rate from your ad copy. This will give you an idea of conversion rates.

7. Reward Your Customers.

Giving more value to your customers by giving them something in return for their engagement will actually attract them to come back.

A reward like a free downloadable PDF that gives value and allows them a quick item of value in exchange for an email address increases lasting customer experience.

8. Tap Your Customers’ Curiosity.

Curiosity promotes more engagement and interaction. If done properly, your lead generation will be optimized as your customers click to find out more about your products and services.

9. Trigger Urgency And Scarcity.

Setting limitations until a certain given time can trigger an increase in customer engagement. For instance, “the first 50 customers get a 30% discount until 12 noon today!”

The right mix of urgency and scarcity will boost responses to your ad!

Don’t miss your opportunity to grow your leads now to grow your business revenue! Maximize your Facebook Ads! Use the tools and key strategies shared above to keep on increasing interactions between your customers and your business.

While many people these days are lingering on Facebook, this is the best time for ads to linger longer! Capture the right customers and have effective conversions. If you need us to help you strategize beyond the nine secrets of the pros, simply book a Free Consultation using this link:

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