Search Engine Optimization Is A Critical Component Of A Successful Online Presence. Our SEO Company Close To Toronto Specializes In Providing SEO Services To Our Clients, Giving Your Business The Boost It Needs To Be Successful. Our SEO Experts Work Closely With You To Learn More About Your Company And What You Want To Accomplish To Help You Determine The Best Strategy For Your SEO Marketing Plan. Make An Appointment With Our SEO Consultant To Start Working Toward A Strong Online Presence.

We Help You Avoid Critical Mistakes

Many companies that take on search engine optimization without assistance make mistakes that negatively impact their traffic. With our SEO company, you can rest assured you’re working with professionals who have the necessary skills to help you avoid these critical mistakes. Our SEO services near Toronto are customized to meet your needs and provide you with the desired results. We want to help your company become as successful as you have always wanted it to be.

Save Time And Money

Handling your SEO services in-house may feel rewarding, but it costs more time and money to do so. You need to train your employees to complete the work properly and generate the results you deserve. Hiring an SEO consultant takes a lot of the guesswork out of search engine optimization and ensures you get faster results. You’ll save time and money in the long run, without harming your online presence.

Toronto SEO Expert – Roberto Pacinelli Explains The Importance Of Search Engine Optimization

Did You Know?

  • 93% of online experience begin with a search engine 

  • 91% of all pages never get any organic traffic from Google, mostly because they don’t have backlinks

  • 38% of marketers are publishing content at least once a week

  • The average page in top position has over 35,000 external backlinks

  • 72% of consumers who did a local search, visited a store within five miles

We Are Toronto SEO Experts

Our Toronto SEO experts consists of a team of professionals that generate SEO campaigns and SEO Services. Using the latest white hat SEO techniques, we provide a custom SEO strategy specific to your business. Our consultants in the Toronto agency provides full transparency to optimize SEO with monthly reports and competitor analysis.

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Why You Need An SEO Expert

1. Your Time Is Valuable

There’s a reason why business owners hire financial advisors or accountants. It’s the same reason why they hire SEO specialists or consultants.

Google relies on hundreds of factors to determine the ranking and position of a website in search results. Search engines change their algorithms and go through regular updates frequently. Search engine optimization strategies and techniques require a lot of dedicated time. There is no “beginning” or “end” to search engine optimization. It’s an on-going process that involves time and effort.

2. Experience Is Everything

Even if time was not an issue, the average person will not have the experience that an SEO specialist has. Search engine optimization is sophisticated and has many moving parts. While there are resources out there that provide free DIY SEO tips, hiring an expert in the field is best. SEO experts have the knowledge and expertise to create the best campaigns. They know what works, and what doesn’t.

Our Toronto SEO experts and consultants have experience working with a variety of different industries. This allows us to approach your unique ranking situation, needs, and expectations appropriately.

3. Avoiding The Mistakes

When search engine optimization is done incorrectly, it can have severe consequences. This is the main reason why most business owners seek a professional SEO agency like The Best Media. If your SEO strategy is done unethically, your site could be banned from the search engines altogether. Using “black hat” optimization techniques that violate Googles strict search engines guidelines is very taboo!

It works almost like credit. Do it properly (and legitamately) and your Google ranking will gradually boost. Do it incorrectly, and your Google rankings will crash and burn. It will take you a very long time to “build up that credit” again.

Keyword research, for example, is among the most difficult tasks a search engine optimization specialist does.

These Are The 10 Biggest SEO Keyword Research Mistakes Often Made:

Disregarding Research Intent

Never disregard your target audience’s research intent. You need to learn what they are looking for with the help of Google Search Console and Google Analytics so you can use that to the advantage of your website content. Let’s not miss the end goal of business, which is to make a profit out of conversions. Don’t just drive traffic on your website. Drive conversions! Match their need for what your business can offer.

Exerting Little To No Effort To Talk With Actual People

Though information about potential customers can be done online, getting firsthand information from others plays a huge contribution to your website content. This includes business players, customer support representatives, and sales staff. Learn the common issues, questions, and needs of your target audience. Each concern could be discussed in your blog, article or FAQs.

Not Knowing Where They Are Searching

Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing are not the only platforms where your target audience searches for information. YouTube or social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or also used. Making your business visible doesn’t only refer to getting high ranking visibility in SERP. Aside from your website, you need to create a business page on platforms where your target audience is found. A search engine optimization specialist will always strategically position your business online.

Not Evaluating The Actual SERP

To understand the research intent of the target audience and search trends, you need to evaluate the top-ranking results. This way, you can evaluate if your existing content matches the top results. Otherwise, you can conceptualize your website content based on the type of top-ranking content and keywords.

Disregarding The Past Volume Metrics

Assessing the volume metrics of keyword research can affect how you want to drive the engagement of your target audience. Short tail keywords (which are high volume) are good if your goal is to increase website visitors. But if you want higher conversion rates, you need to prioritize using long tail keywords in your content.

Disregarding Localization

Pay attention to where the search queries are coming from. Observe the SERP and keyword research trends. Do they come from your target area of operations? Localization with other factors like seasonality and previous searches is important. It gives you knowledge of effective delivery, proximity considerations, and potential business opportunity.

Unaware Of Competitors

Aside from studying your competitors, you need to know who your SERP competitors are. Include competitor research in your keyword research process.

Lack Of Keyword Difficulty Evaluation

Don’t just settle for easy keywords. Use difficult keywords too to assess your content topic’s competitiveness in SERPs.

Inserting Keywords After The Article Is Written

Your content cannot meet the target audience’s needs and achieve better rankings if keyword research is an afterthought. The very first thing that you should do before search engine optimization is to assess the keyword research. That should be the foundation to which you can integrate keywords flowing into every content. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends or Moz Keyword Explorer to help you find the right keywords.

Not Focusing On More Broad Topics

Creatively focusing on broader topics can bring in new ideas. It also makes the content presented on your website or social media platforms more natural. Expand your content capabilities!

4. Professionals Know How To Generate Leads

A good SEO strategy will strengthen your sales funnel and generate leads. When you implement an SEO strategy, you’re able to generate leads because you appeal to your target audience at the right time. Lead generation and SEO strategies actually starts at the web design stage.

5. You’ll Save Money

In the long run, you will be saving money by hiring an SEO professional. Hiring new team members or training your existing employees will cost more than you think. You’ll likely need to bring on 2-3 more employees to boost your websites search engine optimization.

Why Choose A Local SEO Company In Toronto?

Local SEO is extremely important. It’s the process that focuses on the optimization efforts of local brick-and-mortar businesses. The goal is to make sure all potential local signals across Google’s local search landscape are consistent and correct. If the information is incorrect, you can accidentally provide the wrong information for the same business.

Read more on the importance of local SEO here.

The Process

A highly trained SEO consultant in Toronto will be assigned to your account. Regardless of which service you choose, you`ll be aware of the progress being made. Our consultants will be in constant communication with you.


First, we learn about the client’s business and define goals. An audit is performed to evaluate the current website. We look over SEO performance, Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis.


Using the information from the Discovery stage, we will create an On-site Strategy plan. This information will address all the changes needed to the website.

This is when an off-site strategy plan is then created. It includes advanced link building techniques, which will serve to enhance your brand and create trust.


Here we optimize the client’s website to reflect the strategy plan created in the previous step, which will ensure the right message is being communicated.

Off-site activities will create the signals that search engines are constantly looking for in order to rank a website on the 1st page.


You will receive regular reports detailing the important factors that allow us to determine opportunities for improvement. These reports will clearly illustrate the progress of your SEO campaigns ensuring we are on track to meet your goals.

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