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Why Can’t People Find My Website

Why Can’t People Find My Website

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Why Can’t People Find My Website? Do you ever feel like your website is shipwrecked and lost at sea? Much like Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway, it seems like the only visitors to your website are figments of your imagination. Have you ever wondered why your website doesn’t get the traffic you believe it deserves?

If you’re missing out on organic traffic on your site, it might not only doom your marketing campaign but also make conversions a hectic and almost non-achievable process. Several prevalent mistakes cause websites to get dumped from search engines’ priority lists, which is why you must be proactive on this front. This guide chalks down specific reasons that, when worked on, can help acquire decent web traffic.

Your Site Is Too New

Unlike most online undertakings, search engine indexing tends to take a considerable amount of time. That means if you’ve just created a website, lacking any inbound linking structure, Google and other search engines might take up to four weeks to get it indexed.

Until then, you need to sit back and focus on your website content such that it can be crawled, and your webpages start showing up in search results. The quality and number of inbound links have a significant say in determining your domain authority (DA), which, in turn, affects your search rank.

Websites With “No-Index” Tags

While you might benefit from suitable utilization of “no-index” tags in your site, know that these can prevent search engine crawlers from assessing your content. Subsequently, your website won’t show up in search queries until you disable these tags.

If you have an old site in place, it’s suggested to look into this facet before you get all stressed up. To tackle this, you need to head over to your website settings and disable these tags manually.

Index tags and other aspects mentioned on this page are technical in nature. If you are interested in learning more about how to rank your website faster on Google checkout this blog we wrote entitled The #1 Thing You Need to Quickly Rank on Google.

Penalized Websites Is Another Reason Why People Can’t Find My Website

Another reason why can’t people find my website can be due to a Google Penalty. Considering that Google has a ton of guidelines in place when it comes to indexing websites, it’s crucial to abide by them. If you’re blinded by Google’s penalizing policy, the chances are that your site will end up getting deindexed, penalized, or sandboxed.

For this, you need to work innately with SEO experts so as to exercise relevant changes to get these anomalies fixed.

Improper Keyword Choice

Keywords sit at the forefront of any search engine’s algorithms; thus, you must be proactive about handpicking the relevant ones. Apart from relevancy, the competitiveness of your keyword marketing also impacts the search engine exposure you receive.

That means targeting keywords with immense competition will make it arduous to secure traffic against enormous market players. Less competitive and long-tail keywords, on the other hand, provide you with more chances in terms of having a user land on your page.

Low-Quality And Unoptimized Content

If a user tends to hit back upon finding your web content irrelevant or not up to the mark, Google will keep it noted. This is why websites without updated and thoroughly optimized content stand no chance in terms of acquiring a decent search ranking.

Work hand in hand with a reputable digital marketing firm like The Best Media so that your invested effort and money can be optimally channelized.

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