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YouTube Ads: The Secret To Growing Your Brand

YouTube Ads: The Secret To Growing Your Brand

Today, video consumption is growing more than ever!

YouTube ads and video marketing are not new concepts.  They have been effective marketing tools in promoting brands and businesses for quite some time.


If you’re considering running YouTube ads, here are some staggering facts about YouTube.


YouTube is the number #1 video platform, and has a whopping 2 billion monthly active users!



Number of YouTUbe Users WorldWide from 2016 to 2021

* Approximately 15% of YouTube views are coming from the United States.
* 15-24-year-olds make up Approximately 81% of users in the United States use YouTube.
* In Canada, 90% of YouTube users are aged 18-24.

YouTube releases 500 hours of videos every minute.

* More than 70% of YouTube videos are viewed on mobile.
* Each YouTube viewer spends an average of  11m 24s per day.

Businesses using YouTube Ads are getting higher traction if they are presenting videos highlighting their audiences’ needs.

* Their advertising revenue is projected to earn 5.5 billion dollars this year from the U.S.
* YouTube’s top 5 most popular brands are running YouTube’s Google Preferred Ads 

Considering these stats, YouTube advertising is a MUST for your business.  Target your audience and let YouTube Ads work for you!


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