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Will 301 Redirects Affect My SEO Ranking?

Will 301 Redirects Affect My SEO Ranking? - The Best Media

Let’s start by defining the term “301 redirect”.

A 301 redirect is a method used to tell search engines and browsers that a website has been permanently moved to a new location. It will send visitors to a different URL than the one originally requested, without having to type in a different URL. The old page will eventually be removed from Google’s index and the new one will replace it.





Here are some examples for which 301 redirects are commonly used:

– For those who wish to rebrand, and/or rename their website
– For those changing from http:// to https://
– For those who own multiple domains and want to direct all traffic to land on one main site
– For webmasters who need to make major edits or fix webpages


So, what happens to your search ranking when you use a 301 redirect?

Will all of that hard SEO work you’ve done up until now go down the drain? Thankfully, no. You may see slight changes in terms of search results at first, but for the most part, it will maintain your search rankings and inbound links. As long as the new destination page you are pointing your redirects to is still relevant to the content on the original page, you should be able to retain that SEO authority you worked so hard for.


More helpful tips on 301 redirects can be found here:

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