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Why Your Business Needs to Have a Mobile-friendly Website

Why Your Business Needs to Have a Mobile-friendly Website

No one likes being woken up in the middle of the night.

This is especially true when the reason for the rude awakening is a leaking toilet or a pet in distress.

Emergency situations often require immediate, decisive action – and what better way to find an immediate solution than a quick Google search on your phone?

The trouble is, if a business’ website is not running quickly and efficiently, most visitors will immediately move on to the next available service provider.

People’s entire lives now take place in the palm of their hand, and that’s why having a mobile-friendly website is one of the most important things for any business trying to thrive amongst the competition.

‘Is my website mobile-friendly?’ is a question every business owner should be asking themselves.

Nevertheless, if you still need more convincing when it comes to understanding the significance of mobile-friendly websites, then keep reading.

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Why Your Business Needs to Have a Mobile-friendly Website


Mobile Devices Generate More Traffic

According to data from Statista, more than half – 52.2 per cent to be exact – of all web traffic around the world is generated by mobile users.

And if that isn’t incentive enough to ensure the mobile version of your site is up to snuff, slow mobile sites can now decrease your website’s ranking on Google – the reigning monarch of all search engines.

Mobile-friendly websites designed with the user experience in mind work to make sure that a visitor stays and returns, generating engagement and upping your search engine game.

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Google offers website owners an opportunity to test how well their site is doing in terms of performance on mobile devices via their free Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Simply enter your site URL into the search bar and you will receive an indication of whether or not your site is performing well on mobile devices.

There is also an option to view a more extensive, site-wide usability report or find out more details about what loading issues, if any, your site is experiencing on mobile devices.

Of course, not everyone has the time or the expertise to address issues that come up, and this is when it’s worth every penny to reach out to experts, such as the web developers at The Best Media, to find out how you can optimize your site for mobile devices.


Google Ranking Improvement

Loading speed is one of the factors that will determine if your website performs well on mobile devices, and whether it appears on the first or the tenth page of search results.

This means it’s also a deciding factor in whether or not people will even be able to find your website.

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Google penalizes slow sites, which get bumped down the search results, often into the obscurity of the double-digit search results pages – a place where most people can’t be bothered to go.

A study from Advanced Web Ranking tried to figure out just how far down the list of search results users will go.

The results speak for themselves – over 67 per cent of all clicks end up going to the top five listings.

And according to data from Chitika, for an average Google search, sites on the first page generate 92 per cent of all traffic.

With this knowledge, the question ‘Is my website mobile-friendly?’ quickly turns into ‘Is my business even visible to people searching for the services/products I have to offer?’


Mobile-friendly Websites Can Increase Sales

Anyone who has ever taken a trip abroad can attest to how much of a hassle flying can be.

Buying tickets, booking seats, checking in – all these things can suck the joy out of the most carefully planned trip.

As a result, more and more airlines are now utilizing their mobile sites to help busy travellers fast-track many annoying and time-consuming aspects of trip planning.

Dutch airline KLM conducted a mobile-only campaign to convince customers to book flights on its mobile site or the KLM app.

They offered mobile coupons for free lounge access as incentive for flyers to test out their mobile features, such as geo-location and mobile booking.

As a result, KLM saw a 17 per cent increase in visitors to its mobile site, which, in turn, increased bookings by 34 per cent and mobile revenue by 38 per cent.

Even for KLM, however, a successful mobile campaign would not have been possible if their site ran slowly or performed poorly.

The average loading speed of an e-commerce site is seven seconds, according to Google.

That is more than double that of the ideal load time of three seconds or less.

This might seem trivial, but mobile users simply do not have the patience to wait for bloated images, faulty plugins, or flashy themes to render properly.

With the explosive popularity of mobile devices being a relatively new thing, many business owners just don’t understand how much their crappy mobile site could be hurting their business.

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Moreover, in order to truly deliver something special to prospective clients, it’s going to take a level of expertise that many business owners don’t possess or don’t want to pay for.

But kick-ass, mobile-friendly websites are the driving force behind an effective user experience, which can bring in more clients and generate more revenue.

Therefore, business owners can no longer afford to ignore the importance of a mobile-friendly website if they want to remain competitive.


Want a website that will outperform your competitors’ but don’t know the first thing about this new-fangled mobile mess? Contact The Best Media and check out our web development services to learn more.

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