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Why You Should Optimize Your Images

Why You Should Optimize Your Images - The Best Media

By now we all know the importance of optimizing your content with SEO keywords that work to boost your ranking on search engines. So why not do the same with your images?


Overlooking this aspect decreases your opportunity for more visibility and reach. The key is to find a balance between a high-quality image and small file size. Maintain a competitive advantage by optimizing your images to make it easier for Google to identify them and display them in related searches.

Tips for Optimizing your Images:

  • Relate your image description to the content it’s being used for
  • Insert keywords into image descriptions
  • Name images descriptively, but in plain English
  • Keep in mind that text should not be more than 125 characters
  • Ensure your image size doesn’t affect page speed or quality
  • Be original, and create images that are informative, as well as attractive
  • If you’re promoting a product, use the serial number in your alt tag

Following these tips puts you one step ahead of your competition!

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