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Why You Must Continue To Be Social In Times of Crisis

Why You Must Continue To Be Social In Times of Crisis

When the lockdown started earlier in the first quarter of this year, The Best Media decided to launch a podcast series on Coronavirus vs. Business. David and I discussed various business issues amidst this pandemic and the solutions available to thrive.

In our Podcast Episode 4 – Stay Positive and Focus on What You Need To Do, we mentioned (Timestamp 7:56) why remaining in touch with your target audience was so important even if the crisis has been hitting the economy.   (Learn more from the podcast, watch the video below!)




Allow me to expound this snippet.

Social media is not just for posting pictures or telling about your brand. It is your means to engage and interact with your target audience.

Remaining social in social media means having active and healthy interactions or engagements with your network followers. It’s all about building healthy social relationships!

social in times of crisis
When you receive comments from your content such as posting announcements and thought-provoking brand images, make sure you are acknowledging it. Engage in a conversation, show appreciation, and/or address complaints or criticisms from your comments section.

You can also encourage user-generated content where your followers can freely post, share reviews, and tag pictures of your products.

All these can contribute to building your brand regardless of the crisis your business is facing today.

Your business may be slowing down but never allow it to affect your marketing goals and people’s engagement.

When you are active in the social media and communicate empathetically to your audience, you are boosting your potential of getting more leads, gaining a new audience, increasing sales, web traffic, and earning valuable feedback.

In the future, when the economy reaches its balance again, you’d be grateful that you invested in socializing with your target audience.

To remain social is to value your existing and future customers!

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