Why Video is Crucial for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Why Video is Crucial for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, by 2021, video will account for 82 per cent of consumer Internet traffic.

To be fair, a good chunk of that percentage will probably be porn, but nevertheless, a staggering statistic like that is just one more reminder of video’s supremacy over the Internet.

With this in mind, if you’re a business owner, it’s easy to see why video is so vital to the success of your digital marketing.

With our attention spans now shorter than that of a goldfish and the overwhelming number of options people have when it comes to the content they consume, it’s becoming increasingly important to use video if you’re going to stand a chance at capturing anyone’s attention.

A survey from Wyzowl found that when learning about a product or service, 79 per cent of consumers would rather watch a video than read text.

And despite the implications of our fading ability to focus, can we really blame these people?

Why would you read about a product or a service, when you can experience it in full HD glory right at your fingertips?

The answer to this question is ‘you wouldn’t.’

And that’s why video production services are essential for any business looking to persuade potential customers and keep current clients in the loop.

A professional quality product video or explainer video can go well beyond advertising and end up being the deciding factor in whether someone chooses to buy your product or that of your competitor.

That same Wyzowl survey referenced above found that 91 per cent of consumers have watched an explainer video when learning about a product or service, and 81 per cent of businesses said their explainer video helped them to increase sales.

I could probably just end this right here, but if you still need some convincing, here are some more reasons why video is critical to the success of your digital marketing campaign.

Why Video is Crucial for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Create a viral brand

“Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me.”

Anyone who’s watched TV throughout the past decade will remember Old Spice’s the ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ video that went viral within its first week online, netting 6 million views in those initial 7 days, and sending Procter & Gamble sales into the stratosphere, with a 125 per cent year-on-year sales increase.

Competing Unilever’s Axe didn’t stand a chance against Isaiah Amir Mustafa’s chiselled abs.

The video continues its viral streak to this day. Eight years after the initial publication, the ad now has over 55 million views and counting.

Old Spice’s ad realized the dreams of countless marketers and business owners alike.

A viral sensation of this magnitude is the holy grail of marketing today.

But before you can go viral, you’re going to need videos.

Sorry, but the chance that your blog post will get 55 million hits is pretty much zero. When it comes to virality, video is where it’s at.

But many business owners lack the expertise and resources to create the content that will get this kind of reaction.

That’s why so many businesses are turning to video production experts for high-quality videos in the hope that it will turn their company into an overnight sensation.

Showcase the full potential of your product/service

Consumers’ attention spans are definitely getting shorter.

As research from Microsoft reports, companies now have only eight seconds to grab and retain a potential client’s attention.

And while it may seem like an appealing, money-saving alternative to hiring the services of a professional, DIY video content can often make even the most expertly designed website or ad campaign appear cheap and sloppy.

Unless your ad includes a phone clip of your cat playing the banjo, trying to save on professional video production is likely to hurt your business, or at best, have a negligible effect.

But, when using videos produced by professionals, you stand to reap a ton of benefits.

For instance, in a case study from EyeView Digital, one of their clients was able to boost conversions on their landing page by 86 per cent just by including a video.

This can be attributed to the fact that professionally executed visual representations, coupled with quality sound production, appeal to some of the more powerful senses we possess – the visual and the auditory.

If it’s done right, it’s going to make your product or service, as amazing as it might already be, look that much better, and potential customers that much more likely to give you their money.

Look at the example of the ‘Will It Blend’ campaign from Blendtec.

In the video below, Blendtec’s CEO states that the campaign skyrocketed sales by 700 per cent.

While the videos in the ‘Will it Blend’ campaign weren’t the most high budget productions, they were well thought-out, the production value was there, and they weren’t just some dude blending stuff in his garage.

More importantly, they displayed the full potential of the product, and that, combined with the bizarre, comical concept behind the videos was more than enough to convince a lot of people that they had to have this blender.

Provide existing clients with easy-to-follow tutorials

Manuals containing hundreds of pages are now a thing of the past.

Instructional product videos are now routinely included on physical packaging of products via QR codes, which is amazing, and this trend is likely to continue.

However, what the consumer finds on the other end of that code can determine whether a company sees repeat business or obtains new clients via word of mouth from an impressed buyer.

If the video you’re directing them to is boring, grainy and poorly lit, it’s definitely not going to wow anyone, and if it has horrendous audio quality, making the instructions difficult to hear, you might end up with quite a few pissed off customers.

But if you hire experts to provide video production services, you can be sure you’ll have an instructional video that’s not only easy to follow and highly informative, but also fun to watch.

A great example of these kinds of instructional videos comes from BuzzFeed – a wildly successful Internet media and news company with an audience of 650 million, and 9 billion average monthly content views.

Short, snappy, humorous videos are the backbone of its web strategy, and BuzzFeed’s culinary off-shoot, Tasty, offers some awesome examples of how you can use video to craft kick-ass tutorials.

Tasty provides viewers with time-lapsed cooking videos, ranging from the simplest school lunches to the most complicated, one-of-a-kind ethnic cuisine, but what all these videos have in common is that they’re succinct, easy to follow, and fun to watch.

But if you don’t make videos for a living, it can be hard to know how to create this kind of content.

That’s why it’s important to enlist the help of a video production services company if you truly want to set yourself apart from the competition.

Professional quality tutorials and instructional videos will help your customers to use the product or service they’re paying for to its full potential, and they can also make your business look more authoritative, genuine and trustworthy by showcasing your expertise and showing that you care about your clientele.

Do you want high-quality video content for your digital marketing campaign, but don’t know how to go about producing it yourself? Contact The Best Media and check out our video production services for more information.

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