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What Can You Do to Prevent Your Website From Being Scraped?

What Can You Do to Prevent Your Website From Being Scraped? - The Best Media

Content scrapers steal your content for their own websites or blogs without your permission.

This is usually performed by using automated software. This software can not only take the information from an RSS feed, but it can also post the same information on someone else’s blog like it’s a new post. Real estate listing portals are one of the most vulnerable websites when it comes to web scraping. Property data listings and real estate pictures are very valuable and relatively easy to steal using web scraping bots.



If you have some experience with blogging, you’ve probably already fallen victim to web scraping bots. It almost feels like you have been intruded on – as though someone broke into your home and started taking things without asking.


So, what can you do to stop this from happening? What preventative measures can you take?


– As a simple first step, ask them to take it down and stop stealing your content. If they reply and agree, bonus. If they don’t agree or simply wont even reply to your emails, some further action will be necessary.

– Secondly, if you find that your website content has been taken or re-posted without your permission, you can file a DMCA-complaint with Google and they will investigate your inquiry.

– A third option is to use a duplicate content detection service. These services, such as Copyscape, will flag any duplicate content found.

– Lastly, you should monitor your logs frequently. New user-friendly tools have been introduced in the past few years to detect and block unwanted visitors or IP addresses from entering your site. WordPress offers a tool called Akismet that does just that. If you have a WordPress site, it’s also recommended to install a trusted security plugin and set up automatic backups of your database.

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