No Hassle Webmaster Services & Virus Removal

Solutions that will cover all aspects of maintaining your website and ensure consistent, smooth daily performance & backups without the cost of employing a full-time webmaster.

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No Hassle Webmaster Services


  • $2,400 Annually
  • For 3rd party hosted websites the cost is $3,600 Annually


Surprisingly, the vast majority of small business don’t have someone that manages their website. Often, customers will tell us someone they know built the website, but nothing has been done with it in years. Or, they will tell us they are spending too much time updating their website, and it’s become a frustration and distraction from managing their business.

Our Webmaster Services provide you with the essentials to manage and maintain your website. Uptime Monitoring, Site Updates, Website Backups, Plugin Updates, and totally stress-free website maintenance.

This service takes care of everything for you to keep your website up and running! Just like your car, your website needs regular maintenance to ensure it keeps running. Without this service, you run the risk of your website going down or becoming very slow and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

  • Managed Daily Backups of your Website
  • 1 Click Restore of your Backups
  • 99.9% Hosting Uptime
  • Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Core Platform Updates
  • Security Updates
  • Staging Environment Included

With this service, you will get the following for FREE:

  • Free Web Hosting ($240 per year)
  • Free Website Site Audit Reports Monthly
  • Free Website Updates (unlimited changes to content site-wide)

Webmaster Services


What Does A Webmaster Do?

A webmaster takes the guess work and frustration out of managing your website. At The Best Media, we will make sure to monitor and manage your website’s uptime, manage plugin updates, make critical backups of your site, implement all tracking codes and, most of all, manage all of the updates for you. It’s what we call a stress-free website experience.

Why do you need No Hassle Webmaster Service?

Simply put, any website will require maintenance on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance and security. Cyber attacks are on the rise because most websites are not maintained and become vulnerable. Most businesses don’t have a plan for this and only understand how important this is once their website goes down or becomes very slow.

The biggest slowdowns and vulnerabilities arise when 3rd party plugins for WordPress and other platforms are not updated with the latest security patches (just think of how often your phone & apps are updated).

What is not covered?

  • Changes to the layout of the site
  • Additions of new pages or sections
  • New functionality
  • Page load speed optimization
  • SEO optimization

Why are these not covered?

Think of when you go in for an oil change …..  The mechanic will perform a detailed inspection of your vehicle. Yes, they will top up fluids, ensure tire pressure is correct, lubing the doors & hinges, etc… They will also provide you with a list of recommended and urgently needed repairs or maintenance above and beyond what is covered by the oil change. You can choose to have the mechanic perform these for you or decide to hold off. 

The mechanic has advised you on what should be done and what needs to be done. Our No Hassle Webmaster Service does the same. On a monthly basis, we will run an in-depth website audit and will identify low and high-priority repairs and maintenance required for your website.

Virus removal