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Tips on How To Establish Sales Goals

Tips on How To Establish Sales Goals

Every business owner should establish sales goals.  The right mindset is not limited to gaining more sales per se. Rather it’s about the win-win approach with the clients by focusing on their needs, and providing the best solutions possible.

The Best Media team had a very refreshing meeting with CEO, David Marcantonio. We had a mind setting session about the importance of sales and product confidence. [Click and watch the video below]

Like all other businesses, our goal is to serve our clients with the best products and services we can offer. To achieve this, we need to. Since all sales are tied to customers, we need to carry the right mindset from the very beginning of every partnership.


As service providers, we know what we can bring to the table. However, no matter how sincere our deliveries are, if we’re not meeting the actual needs of the clients, we will still not meet the goals we set.


In order to match the best solutions to our client’s needs, we need to ask the right questions. It’s not enough to hear the clients communicate what they generally want to get. The main reason why they are coming to us is that they want to outsource our expertise. Otherwise, they could have not contacted us. So, part of our goal to help our clients succeed is to examine their business goals, what they are currently doing, and see the obvious pain points that need to be addressed.

establish sales goals


Once we already learn what the client really needs, we offer them the products and services we have proven to have worked effectively. It is important to believe and express your great confidence in your products and services. You are not only expressing authority and expertise but also it shows your identity as a company.

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