Why Page Speed Will Affect Both Your SEO Rankings and Conversion Rates

Why Page Speed Will Affect Both Your SEO Rankings and Conversion Rates - The Best Media

Page speed is a critical element in SEO and it should be addressed if your website is not up to par.

It relies on a wide range of factors, from your host to your design. Google has stated that the speed of a page is a factor that decides a website’s ranking and there are several reasons for this. Users will usually abandon a website if they have to wait more than a few seconds for it to completely load. Not surprisingly, fast loading sites receive lower bounce rates and better search engine rankings and this is attributed to more frequent site visitors and easier purchases.


Users like fast, convenient websites, and so does Google.

If Google sees you as a slow loading website (beyond three seconds), they will likely penalize your website for being too slow because it is affecting the user experience in a negative way. Users like fast, convenient websites and so does Google. Page speed is a critical element that online businesses cannot ignore.

Don’t lose your customers to competitors simply because you failed to optimize for speed. Use a platform built for speed and your users will love you for it. Every second you shave off your page loading time will boost trust and confidence in your website, and will have a significant effect.

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