This is Why Every Website MUST be Mobile-Friendly – Including Yours

This is Why Every Website MUST be Mobile-Friendly – Including Yours

Regardless of how well you’re currently ranking in the search engines, if you haven’t updated your website to be mobile-friendly, you’re in for a rude awakening.

For the most part, the majority of large businesses have already made the change to being mobile-friendly. However, there’s still a small percentage that haven’t. It’s almost like when the Internet first came along; businesses that had been operating for decades didn’t see any need for a website when they’d been doing just fine without one.


Many started questioning the mobile-friendly scenario in the same fashion. They wondered why they needed their website to be mobile-friendly when people could already access the website on a computer.

As technology changes around us, so does our everyday living. Before smartphones came onto the market around the late 90s, we were essentially forced to access the Internet through a PC or laptop. Today, it’s a total contrast. In 2016, mobile Internet usage officially surpassed desktop usage, accounting for approximately 52% of the web surfing population. Surely that number is even higher today.

Google is all about improving user experience.

Given the fact that there are more mobile users than ever before, it’s no surprise that the search engine giant made changes to its algorithm and ranking signals to favour websites that are easily viewable and accessible on mobile devices. Websites that didn’t change over to being mobile-friendly quickly saw a drop in their search engine rankings and their overall web traffic, as the others who made the change watched their website rise to the top of search results.

Being mobile-friendly is a heavy Google ranking signal. Plain and simply put, websites that perform and look better on mobile devices will appear higher in search results than those that do not.

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