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The Best Tips on How to Use Twitter For SEO

The Best Tips on How to Use Twitter For SEO

Here are some handy tips on how to use Twitter for search engine optimization:


Use an Appropriate Account/Username
Your Twitter account name will show up in your URL, so try to include your most relevant keyword, as search engine crawlers will pick up on this. It should reflect your offered services or site name.


Since Google displays tweets in SERPs (despite nofollow), putting your links on your posts will help your link building efforts. Also, try to have your links include effective keywords. Be sure to also include a link to your company website to help direct visitors.


Keep the Tweets Keyword-Rich
As already mentioned, Google will display tweets in search engine results. Therefore, you want to include your most relevant keywords in your Tweets, as they’ll be picked up by the search engines. This will provide free and relevant organic traffic.


Include a Twitter Logo and Link on Your Website
Make it easier for users to find your Twitter account. Add a Twitter logo on your website, and promote it with a strong call to action. After all, Twitter has more than 206 million daily active users worldwide.


Use Those Hashtags!
Hashtags are everywhere these days and you can’t ignore them. You see them on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook. Hashtags are a Twitter feature that work like metadata for your tweets. They will expand your content reach, target your market, and help your content to be found by users.


Re-tweeting other relevant posts, especially those that are of the same niche as yours, will help you build your brand and promote your services.


Don’t Be an Over-Tweeter!
You don’t want to appear spammy to your users or the search engines. Spread your tweets out over the day with decent intervals. Keep tweets at least a couple of hours apart.


Promote Your Blog Site if You Have One
Promoting a blog site is a good option, too. A blog site can provide more information to your visitors and it’s the best place to interact with them. It allows users to share your articles, contribute with their comments, and gives them the opportunity to re-tweet your articles, as well.


Keep in mind that SEO isn’t about instant gratification, so be patient. Every small piece of the puzzle will contribute to the bigger picture. Results often take months to see, particularly if you are new to doing business online.

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