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The Best Tips for Creating Great Tweets

The Best Tips for Creating Great Tweets - The Best Media

Anyone who has a Twitter account knows how to tweet, but effective tweeting is a whole different ballgame.

Although social media sites are undeniably used as marketing tools (and will continue to be), their core purpose is to interact with other people. Nobody wants to be flooded with blatant advertising and marketing messages on their Twitter account. They become extremely annoying, even to those who are using social media for marketing purposes themselves.


There are a lot of ways to create a harmonious balance between sounding human and sounding like a sales agent. You can still get the same message out there by toning down the marketing pitch and speaking in a more natural way.

The following are some great tips for creating effective tweets:

1. Connect with your followers – Don’t be shy to ask something of your audience. Whether you’re asking for their opinion or suggestions, get your audience involved. At the very least, ask them to retweet. It’s been shown that including “please retweet” in your tweet can increase retweets by four times.

2. Tune-in to current events – Tapping into a trending topic on Twitter can give you a ton of exposure. If there’s a way to tie your brand message into a trending discussion, it’s definitely worth considering (as long as you’re tasteful about it). A great example of this is when Samsung tweeted at 9:30pm on New Year’s Eve, advising people on how to take more effective photos of fireworks.

3. Never try to capitalize on tragic events with your hashtags – Don’t ever use trending hashtags to capitalize on the misfortune of others. The Gap, for example, used #Sandy during the Hurricane Sandy storm in 2012 and wrote: “All impacted by #Sandy, stay safe! We’ll be doing lots of shopping today. How about you?” Needless to say, it was a PR nightmare for The Gap.

4. Creating Hashtags: not too long, and not too short – Long hashtags are not recommended. Aside from it being annoying to read, it becomes inconvenient to other Twitter users. Since you’re only allowed 140 characters, other Twitter users will have minimal room to add their own content to the tweet. Single word hashtags generate more engagement on Twitter, but it may not always send out the intended message. A good example would be #therapist. This seems ideal for a therapist, however it can also be interpreted as “the rapist”, which is quite a different message that will indeed attract the wrong audience.

5. Share your photos and upload frequently – We are visual beings, which is why we all love photos, particularly when they’re interesting or funny. You’ll be amazed by how many Twitter users will retweet for a good laugh.

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