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The Benefits of Bing Ads and Why You Should Not Ignore Them

The Benefits of Bing Ads and Why You Should Not Ignore Them

Despite the popularity of Google, you shouldn’t discount the importance of other options, such as Bing.

Bing is often seen as the secondary choice when launching a paid search campaign – Google Adwords usually being the first choice. However, Bing has made some impressive changes to their offerings with paid campaigns and have some unique features that Google AdWords does not offer.



The Bing App – The Bing Ads app, which was launched for iOS in April 2015, is available on mobile devices, making paid search campaigns easy to maintain if you’re always on the go. It’s a fantastic feature for business owners or account managers who are often away from the office but still need to access their accounts.

Expanded Text Ads – Bing now offers expanded text ads within their Bing campaigns, giving marketers the ability to write more compelling ads and calls to action.

Shared Budgets – Shared budgets eliminate the time spent setting up and calculating campaign budgets. Advertisers have the option of having multiple campaigns running under a single budget, reducing the time spent to manually calculate individual budget allocations among a large number of campaigns.

Expanded Device Targeting – This gives advertisers the ability to adjust bids for various device types, and expand the range for bid adjustments regarding desktop users, tablet users and smartphone users. Bid adjustments by device type can be combined with Bing’s other targeting criteria, including geographical location, age and gender, and time of day/day of the week.

Partner Program – Bing now provides a deeper level of recognition for valued advertisers. Partners will receive special opportunities, brand association with Bing/Microsoft, access to valuable marketing content, and technical/sales training.


More information on Bing Ads can be found here:

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