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David Marcantonio - The Best Media

David Marcantonio

President & CEO

David Marcantonio is the CEO of The Best Media, a company recognized for ensuring that businesses can succeed and have financial freedom.

Roberto Pacinelli - The Best Media

Roberto Pacinelli

Vice President

Having 20+ years of web marketing experience, Roberto knows how to use the power of the Internet to develop thriving, profitable businesses.

Alina S. - The Best Media

Alina S.

Digital Project Co-Coordinator/Content Writer

Alina has a strong interest in all things media-related, and always strives to take things to the next level.

Brady C. - The Best Media

Brady C.

Video Production & Editing

Brady is a dedicated and passionate Video Editor. Throughout his years in the industry, he’s learned a lot about how to best meet his clients’ needs.

Mark C. - The Best Media

Mark C.

Social Media Co-ordinator

With 15 years of marketing experience, Mark is passionate about creating marketing strategies, and he loves doing social media campaigns.

Christal A. - The Best Media

Christal A.

Social Media Strategist & Content Creator

Christal is a connoisseur of Digital Marketing with a detailed focus on Social Media Strategy and Content Creation. Wielding skills and qualifications from various opportunities within the Digital Industry over 5 years, Christal is ready to help take your social media game to the next level.

Nick D. - The Best Media

Nick D.

Video Production and Editor

Nick Dolinski is a multi-faceted video professional originally from the city of Ottawa. In his years working in film and video, he’s worn many hats – from writer to cinematographer. To him, no job is uninteresting when it comes to video production.

Ravee S G. - The Best Media

Ravee S G.

Software Engineer

Ravee has been working in the IT Industry for more than 7+ years and has a strong background working with Angular and ionic Apps. He started his career working as an App developer and gradually progressed into creating VR applications and games. Ravee is an experienced backend developer; working with server side code to design & develop: restful api’s, admin panels and databases.

Sandeep S. - The Best Media

Sandeep S.

Web Developer

Sandeep has been working in the web development field for over 5 years. He is an expert in producing high-quality websites that work on all devices. Throughout his career, he has designed and developed websites based on HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PHP and WordPress.

Michael K. - The Best Media

Michael K.

Digital Marketing/Brand Specialist

Marco B. - The Best Media

Marco B.

Digital Programmatic Strategist

With 4+ years of Digital Marketing experience, Marco has managed Search, Social, Native and Programmatic Display, along with Video campaigns across Desktop and Mobile devices for over 50 brands.

Alex L. - The Best Media

Alex L.

Content Writer / Project Co-ordinator

Alex knows how to use words to inform and inspire. His expertise lies in writing and editing, and he loves creating content for clients.

Jason H. - The Best Media

Jason H.

Digital Sales & Marketing Specialist

Jason helps business owners identify the solutions that bring in the most ROI. He enjoys learning about everything related to digital marketing — particularly conversion rate optimization, creating successful email campaigns, and overall business growth. In his spare time, he likes to stay active, try new things, and continuously improve.

Robert D. - The Best Media

Robert D.

Senior Administrator

Robert provides support to every member of the team. He’s meticulous in his work, and has a real knack for handling multiple tasks at once.

Monica Z. - The Best Media

Monica Z.

Executive Administrative Assistant

As our Rockstar Executive Assistant , Monica’s caring nature and can do attitude is what helps her shine here at the best media, with years of expertise , amazing interpersonal skills and a sharp wit, clients absolutely adore dealing with her on a daily basis.

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