Our Team

These are the fine folks who make sure the success of our customers comes first.


David Marcantonio

President & CEO

David Marcantonio is the CEO of TheBestMedia.com, a company recognized for ensuring that businesses can succeed and have financial freedom.

Roberto Pacinelli

Vice President

Having 20+ years of web marketing experience, Roberto knows how to use the power of the Internet to develop thriving, profitable businesses.

Robert D

Senior Administrator

Robert provides support to every member of the team. He’s meticulous in his work, and has a real knack for handling multiple tasks at once.

Alex L.

Content Writer / Project Co-ordinator

Alex knows how to use words to inform and inspire. His expertise lies in writing and editing, and he loves creating content for clients.

Mark C.

Social Media Co-ordinator

With 15 years of marketing experience, Mark is passionate about creating marketing strategies, and he loves doing social media campaigns.

Tara E.

Administrator / Client Relation

Tara provides invaluable support to the team, making use of 15 years of customer service experience with high-level clients and more than a decade of experience in administration.

Anthony A.

Video Production & Editor

With more than five years of experience in video production, Anthony has the skills to satisfy the demands of any client or campaign.

Michael K.

Digital Marketing/Brand Specialist

Natalia M.

Account Manager

Natalia has proven to be the queen of relationship building. She’s relentlessly proactive, making sure to quickly resolve clients’ concerns.

Rosemarie R.

Account Manager

Rosemarie has great social skills. Her warm-hearted nature makes it easy for her to maintain positive, long-term relationships with clients.

Harry S.

Web Developer

Harry can truly do it all when it comes to web development. His strengths are in coding, CMS, website-optimization and WordPress customization.

Kevin A.

Senior Designer

Kevin has 15 years of design experience working in both print and digital.  As a designer, he prides himself on creating captivating and engaging visuals for every project big or small.