David Marcantonio - The Best Media

David Marcantonio

President & CEO

David Marcantonio is the CEO of The Best Media, a company recognized for ensuring that businesses can succeed and have financial freedom.

Roberto Pacinelli - The Best Media

Roberto Pacinelli

Vice President

Having 20+ years of web marketing experience, Roberto knows how to use the power of the Internet to develop thriving, profitable businesses.

Brady Cameron - The Best Media

Brady Cameron

Video Production & Editing

Brady is a dedicated and passionate Video Editor. Throughout his years in the industry, he’s learned a lot about how to best meet his clients’ needs.

Christal - The Best Media


Social Media Strategist & Content Creator

Christal is a connoisseur of Digital Marketing with a detailed focus on Social Media Strategy and Content Creation. Wielding skills and qualifications from various opportunities within the Digital Industry over 5 years, Christal is ready to help take your social media game to the next level.

Nick Dolinski - The Best Media

Nick Dolinski

Video Production and Editor

Nick Dolinski is a multi-faceted video professional originally from the city of Ottawa. In his years working in film and video, he’s worn many hats – from writer to cinematographer. To him, no job is uninteresting when it comes to video production.

Sandeep Singh - The Best Media

Sandeep Singh

Web Developer

Sandeep has been working in the web development field for over 5 years. He is an expert in producing high-quality websites that work on all devices. Throughout his career, he has designed and developed websites based on HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PHP and WordPress.

Michael K. - The Best Media

Michael K.

Digital Marketing/Brand Specialist

Marco Boragina - The Best Media

Marco Boragina

Digital Programmatic Strategist

With 4+ years of Digital Marketing experience, Marco has managed Search, Social, Native and Programmatic Display, along with Video campaigns across Desktop and Mobile devices for over 50 brands.

Alex L. - The Best Media

Alex L.

Content Writer / Project Co-ordinator

Alex knows how to use words to inform and inspire. His expertise lies in writing and editing, and he loves creating content for clients.

Jason - The Best Media


Digital Sales & Marketing Specialist

Jason helps business owners identify the solutions that bring in the most ROI. He enjoys learning about everything related to digital marketing — particularly conversion rate optimization, creating successful email campaigns, and overall business growth. In his spare time, he likes to stay active, try new things, and continuously improve.

Robert D - The Best Media

Robert D

Senior Administrator

Robert provides support to every member of the team. He’s meticulous in his work, and has a real knack for handling multiple tasks at once.

Natalia M. - The Best Media

Natalia M.

Account Manager

Natalia has proven to be the queen of relationship building. She’s relentlessly proactive, making sure to quickly resolve clients’ concerns.

Rosemarie R. - The Best Media

Rosemarie R.

Account Manager

Rosemarie has great social skills, and her warm-hearted nature makes it easy for her to maintain positive, long-term relationships with clients.

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