Custom Storybook For Your Business

The world’s best interactive storytelling experience

What is the Digital Storybook for Business?

The Digital Storybook for Business by The Best Media provides our clients with the best experience possible. 

While traditional brochures are static and may include images, they do not have the ability to include videos, only hyperlinks.

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The Digital Storybook for Business combines video, photos, slideshows, 3D virtual tours, 3D product renderings, and so much more into one compelling platform to  truly immerse your audience. Highlight lifestyle to help audience imagine their life using your product with cinemagraphs

  • Show context with neighborhood highlight videos that resonate with residents

  • Use imagery that resonates with your audience and slideshows that allow for smart/strategic progressions through your customer’s emotional  journey

  • Using 3D product imagery gives users a direct expectation of the product as they virtually handle it.

  • Communicate/share the storybook with Hyperlinks, URLs, imbedded links within web pages, sharing 

  • Have the ability to understand how your storybook is performing with analytics

With huge levels of engagement, the Digital Storybook for Business boasts an average time on page of over 3 minutes (remember our average storybook has 12 pages… so that’s around 36 minutes of engagement with your audience!!). You can  also determine the top cities and sources of traffic!

The ability to modify and edit at any time:

With the analytics available, you can determine which pages are not resonating/performing and have us modify the images, videos or text to ensure that your audience is engaged throughout…


Why Digital Storytelling

Over the last few years, marketing has shifted in medium and focus, as consumers want to know more about the businesses they are dealing with and the products/services they are looking to purchase. 

The shift towards digital storytelling allows for the combination of  still imagery, moving imagery, sound, and text, resulting in an enhanced experience for both the author and audience. 

Due to the amount of content that is currently marketed in the digital space, catching someone’s attention can be a difficult, if not impossible feat. Telling a compelling story about your brand that resonates with your audience and invoking their feelings and interest is the best way to stand out from the crowd.


Endless Storybook Possibilities

Simplicity to the viewer is key to delivering a strong message. Take a look at some existing examples today, and explore the possibilities for your products and services.