Social Media Design Trends for 2018

Social Media Design Trends for 2018 - The Best Media

As more photo design capabilities are made available on social media platforms to personalize visuals, companies are upping their social media marketing game with vibrant graphics to keep readers interested.



Here’s how to keep their attention:



GIFs are moving images with no sound that repeat quickly to educate and inform viewers of a message. These are typically a few seconds long and provide a fun and engaging way for images to resonate with your audience.

Split Page Images
The captivating design of split page images is an eye-catching way for companies to show-off their graphic design chops while highlighting key features of a product or service on their timelines.

Images with Text
After the success of Snapchat’s filter and caption options, more social media users are adding text and animated visuals to their photos. Now available on more popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we can all be graphic designers in our own right.


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