SEO Tools That Will Help You and Your Website Ranking

SEO Tools That Will Help You and Your Website Ranking

When It Comes to Search Engine Optimization, We Should Use All The Free SEO Tools Possible!


This is particularly true for those who don’t have a lot of money to invest in hiring an SEO expert.  If you’re going to do the legwork yourself, you’re going to need all the free SEO tools available to get your website ranking.

There are several SEO tools out there that you can use.  Some more complicated to use than others.  But generally speaking, you don’t need special training or a University degree to figure it out.


Free SEO Tools


Here are just a few of the suggestions that will help you monitor and tweak your website to be as SEO-friendly as possible:


Broken Link Detectors

These tools will scan through your website and highlight errors such as broken links.  Broken links are NOT good for your rankings!

A simple application that works in conjunction with your social media accounts.  It displays a timeline of the links you have shared.  This helps to measure the impact a particular social media account has on your clicks and rankings.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights

This tool will test the loading time and performance of your website for both desktop and mobile.  Speed directly affects your search engine rankings on Google, so identifying opportunities to improve is important.


This tool will display your website to you the way search spiders see it.  This can be helpful to see the hierarchy you’ve given to particular elements on your website.


Interested to see how you measure up to your competitors?  This clever tool compares search traffic between websites.

This keyword tool will provide you with new keyword ideas and suggestions based on a single keyword that you provide.

Google Keyword Planner

This tool will return helpful stats to guide your keyword strategy, including monthly search volume and competition, and will even suggest terms you may not have considered.

Quick Sprout Website Analyzer

This will give you a complete analysis on just about everything.  This includes SEO optimization, social media, number of backlinks, internal/external links, speed, tags, keywords, and competitor comparisons.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful and useful analysis tool.  It allows you to discover things you probably never knew about visitors on your site.  Google Analytics helps you in understanding the behavior of your visitors to improve and deliver better results



All of these steps will help with your SEO. However, Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing task and can be time-consuming.  If you find yourself strapped for time, there are digital marketing companies that offer SEO services and give you a detailed analysis of your SEO strategy and target market based on Google Analytics and Google Search Console which eventually helps you in devising the right SEO strategy.  They can optimize far beyond the tweaks we have mentioned above, and perform a more in-depth SEO strategy with better link-building and keyword ideas after a thorough analysis of your business.

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