Programmatic Video Advertising

Programmatic Video Advertising

Preroll Video

$30 CPM (CPM may vary based on targeting parameters) Your video will run before the user’s desired content starts playing. Types of targeting include:
Category Targeting: Serve your videos on sites that fall within specific, relevant categories, such as News, Business, Finance, Entertainment, Beauty & Fashion, Health, Sports, Technology, etc.

Behavioural Targeting: Employ Google behavioural data, as well as 3rd party data sources to target your videos to various user interest segments, such as News Junkies, Avid Investors, Movie Lovers, Value Shoppers, Fashionistas, Hockey Fans, Technophiles, etc.

Whitelists: We curate lists of premium websites that fall into categories relevant to your business/products/services. We then bid on this premium inventory via the programmatic ad exchanges.

In-Article (Native) Video

$35 CPM (CPM may vary based on targeting parameters) Your video will disrupt content and start running within an article. It will only play when it is in view and once the user scrolls past it, it will stop playing. Targeting capabilities are the same as Preroll Video, however In-Article also includes:
Contextual Targeting: Serve your video within an article that contains contextually relevant keywords to your business/product/services.