Programmatic Advertising and Display Ads

Programmatic Advertising and Display Ads

programmatic advertising, display ads

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising.

Having to use separate platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ad Manager to advertise has becoming increasingly difficult. Programmatic advertising consolidates your digital advertising efforts in one platform making transactions more efficient and effective.

Algorithms make the ad buying, and optimization process more efficient removing any mundane activities.  Programmatic ads help buyers and sellers make data-driven decisions.  It removes any guesswork from the ad buying process.



The following will give you some insight on some key aspects of programmatic advertising


Display RTB (Real Time Bidding)

$5 CPM (CPM may vary based on targeting parameters)


Category Targeting:

Serve your display banners on sites/apps that fall within specific, relevant categories, such as News, Business, Finance, Entertainment, Beauty & Fashion, Health, Sports, Technology, etc.

Behavioural Targeting:

Employ Google behavioural data, as well as 3rd party data sources to target your display banners to various user interest segments, such as News Junkies, Avid Investors, Movie Lovers, Value Shoppers, Fashionistas, Hockey Fans, Technophiles, etc.

Contextual Targeting:

We upload a list of keywords that are relevant to your business/products/services in order to run your display banners on pages that contain these contextually relevant keywords.


Display Whitelist / Deal IDs

$10 CPM (CPM may vary based on targeting parameters)



We curate lists of premium websites/mobile apps that fall into categories relevant to your business/products/services. We then bid on this premium inventory via the programmatic ad exchanges.

Deal IDs:

We have set up deals with some of the biggest publishers in Canada. Depending on your target, we select the most relevant publishers and purchase their inventory programmatically.


Display Retargeting

$10 CPM (CPM may vary based on size of the retargeting pool)


Website Retargeting:

We use pixels to gather all of the users who have visited your site in the past, and therefore expressed a heavy interest in your products/services. We would then bid on these users within the open exchange and serve display banners to them.

YouTube Retargeting:

If we’re granted access to your YouTube account, we can create lists of users who have viewed videos on your YouTube channel. Then we would bid on these users within the open exchange and serve display banners to them.

programmatic advertising display ads


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