Sanremo Bakery


Sanremo Bakery has been in business since 1969 and have always been family run spanning 2 generations. Their mission is to use the finest ingredients and traditional methods to offer a diverse selection of Italian breads, fine foods and deserts.

Sanremo Bakery - Case study by The Best Media

Our challenge

Create Positive ROI on Donuts and Seasonal Items
  • these 2 product categories are lost leaders with negative ROI
  • these 2 product categories are very popular among regular clientele so they must continue to offer them
  • There can be no reduction in quality of the products

Our solution

Implement Custom Ecommerce Solution
Solution for - Sanremo Bakery

Also View Their 50th Anniversary Video That We Produced in 2019

Our result

500+ New Online Clients in the 1st Month! + 58% Reduction in Costs!
  • Show graph of sales for 1st Month
  • increased sales in both product categories
  • Minimized employee resources by 58%
  • Automatic Custom Daily Reports to maximize efficiency (previously completed manually by employees)

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