Candy Fun House

Programmatic Display Advertising Generates 363% ROI

This popular Canadian based retailer is always keeping up to date with the latest trends in confectionery delights and happenings. They’re constantly learning and keeping up with developments in candy crazes to make sure that they’re offering customers their all-time favourite sweets, from the newest candies to hit the market to the nostalgic candies they remember from their childhoods.

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Candy Fun House - Case study by The Best Media
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Our challenge

Increase Online Sales

  • Already engaged in SEO and PPC
  • Both are performing very well already
  • Looking for new online advertising opportunities to boost sales

Our solution

Programmatic Display Advertising Campaign
Solution for - Candy Fun House

Our result

396 New Online Sales Totalling $35,640 within 21 Days!
  • Reached New Monthly Sales Record in the First Month
  • Programmatic Display Advertising complemented other Online Marketing Activities
  • Increased Purchase Frequency From Existing Customers

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