Optimize Your Blogs and Articles With These 3 Great Tips

Optimize Your Blogs and Articles With These 3 Great Tips

You can find endless amounts of information on the web regarding blog writing tips and best practices.

So, instead of covering the same obvious topics, such as “What message do you want to send?”, and “be sure to include an introduction and conclusion”, we are going to talk about the best blogging practices in terms of Google and SEO.


As search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and ranking factors, you should make use of the following tips, always make sure to stay in the loop when it comes to Google updates, and regularly check on your web traffic for any drops in traffic.

Make sure to adhere to the following guidelines if you want the best SEO boost from your blogging efforts:

The first tip would be to frequently link back to previous content, preferably a related blog post on the same general topic. Linking structure is important to search engines, so by doing this, it will make your post more powerful because it shows you have some authority on the topic.

Secondly, your articles should have a minimum of 300 words, with keywords appearing 3-5 times throughout. Don’t make them too long, though, as it may scare off some potential readers.

Thirdly, you should post the content on your own website first. Then, wait about a month or so before syndicating it to other websites. You want to give search engines ample time to rank the post from your website before it ranks from your syndicated sites. In addition, this prevents search engines from becoming confused about a duplicate content issue, and ensures that your site will not be penalized, as you were the first to post.

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