Looking to Partner With a YouTube Influencer? Here are Some Useful Tips

Looking to Partner With a YouTube Influencer? Here are Some Useful Tips - The Best Media

Partnering with a YouTube influencer can be extremely beneficial for your business.

But, as with any business decision, making the right choice takes some time and thought. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is to choose one that is relevant to your business and not focus on the hits/traffic alone. Brands working with small- and mid-sized influencers tend to have more success, because they are directly related and have a tight-knit community as the target market.


For example, a YouTube influencer might be getting millions of hits per month giving demonstrations and tutorials on the newest video games. But, if you’re a mortgage consultant, partnering up with this YouTuber will not benefit you at all, regardless of how many hits they get.


Another thing that’s very important is to go for authenticity.


It’s better to have an organic video by a non-professional, so to speak, than an overly-promotional commercial type of video. There’s no need to use the “buy now” approach. It gives the viewer more of a sense of control, and portrays the YouTuber as a real person, as opposed to a salesman trying to get that sale. Once you have selected the best candidate, make sure to provide a custom tracking link for the influencer (preferably placed at the top of their video description), which leads back to your website, blog or product page.

If you have more than one influencer, each tracking link should be different so you can measure results from each one accurately. This will tell you which influencers were most effective, and determine which ones you do not want to work with on your future campaigns. If you don’t know where to start looking for a YouTube influencer, check out https://www.grapevinelogic.com/.

Don’t forget about SEO! Now that Google owns YouTube, Google often gives preference to YouTube content in their search results. So, be sure to include your brand name and any other keywords associated with your product or company in the video description and tags. This will help increase your ranking in the search results.

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