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How to Increase Sales With Better Facebook Ads

How to Increase Sales With Better Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisements are a powerful and affordable tool that every business owner should be using.

With 1.5 billion Facebook members and 22 billion ad clicks per year, it’s an extremely effective way to gain exposure and reach potential customers. However, with so many users and competitors, standing out from the rest can be challenging.

Competition is high, so you want to create your ads as effectively as possible.  Google Ads work well, but the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) can quickly add up, costing you more than you had bargained for. Facebook ads are “display ads” and are not search ads like Google’s. The average CTR percentage of Facebook ads is only 0.1% as compared to Google’s 1%, making it a more cost-effective solution.



When creating Facebook ads, be sure to consider the following:

Know Your Target Audience

Facebook’s ad targeting options allow you to capture a specific demographic. You wouldn’t want to target seniors over 65 for the latest gadget, as seniors are not as tech-savvy as the younger generation. And you wouldn’t target cities like Hamilton or Niagara Falls for your therapeutic massage services that are based in Toronto because most people will not drive that far for a massage. In any case, make sure to determine what your target audience is, and where they live. You will get more targeted clicks, and it will save you money by not targeting the wrong audience.

Use High-Quality Pictures

We tend to view the photo in an advertisement before we actually read the text. This is not surprising since nearly 80% of the impact of an advertisement is created in the image. There’s nothing worse than viewing an image of a product and not being able to clearly see the product. Whether it’s because of low resolution or a poor camera angle, this will deter customers from reading your ad. Make sure the image is crisp, sharp, and has a detailed focal point. If you’re selling men’s high-end watches, you wouldn’t want a full-body shot of the man wearing the watch – you would barely be able to see the watch from that far. Instead, a close upper-body shot with the watch being the focal point would work much better.

Don’t Push the Sale Too Much

Constantly flooding your audience with sales pitches will likely just scare them off. Not only is it annoying, but it gives the impression that you are desperate and fewer people will buy your product or service. Avoid sending traffic directly to a sales page. Building trust first will result in better leads and sales. Have your audience participate in a survey to express their opinions, or ask them to sign up for your newsletter offering free valuable content. You want to establish that relationship before presenting them with a sales pitch or offer.

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