How Virtual Reality Technology Can and Will Help Your Business

How Virtual Reality Technology Can and Will Help Your Business

The possibilities for virtual reality are literally endless.

The greatest benefits of virtual reality technology are that firstly, you can have the feeling of being somewhere without physically going there, and secondly, you can see and interact with things that are not actually there.


With just those two factors alone, a whole new world of opportunity opens up for businesses of all kinds.  Here are just a few potential applications of this technology:

Healthcare – People who are not physically able to travel, or bed-ridden patients who can’t even leave the hospital, can virtually sit on a beach in the Caribbean, or sit in their old backyard, back home in Italy. People can even overcome phobias, such as fear of heights, social anxiety, or fear of animals.

Real Estate – Virtual reality takes 360-degree photography to the next level. You can virtually visit and walk through homes that are for sale, without ever leaving your house.

Prototyping/Research – This technology will allow you to create things and interact with them virtually before spending millions of dollars to build a prototype. Decision-makers and researchers will be able to provide much more valuable feedback at a much earlier stage of the game, resulting in less wasted time and money.

Training – VR has all different kinds of training applications: flight training students, martial artists improving their reflexes, military training, Olympians familiarizing themselves with their terrain, etc. The possibilities are limitless.

Entertainment – Imagine being able to go to a concert, anywhere around the world, without leaving your living room, virtually riding that new roller-coaster, or going to that hockey game you thought you’d have to miss.

Tourism – With access to virtual reality, you could get a sneak preview of that site-seeing tour or holiday destination before you book that flight.  You could fly over the Grand Canyon without stepping into a plane or helicopter, or go on an Australian outback tour without stepping foot outside your door.

Construction – Architects and engineers could virtually explore new designs or work-sites, inside and out, before any digging ever takes place.

Keep in mind that these are just possible applications of VR technology. Virtual reality is still in its infancy stages, and very few people understand how it works. There’s still a long way to go before we can experience or even comprehend its full potential.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated, “This is very early and we don’t expect VR to take off as a mainstream success right away … but eventually we believe that VR is going to be the next big computing platform and we’re making the investments necessary to lead the way there”.

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