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How to Use VOW Data or Sold Listings to Generate Leads

How to Use VOW Data or Sold Listings to Generate Leads


Have you ever wondered how you can use VOW data and sold listings to generate leads for your real estate business? Read on!

In the competitive world of real estate, it is imperative to implement an effective customer acquisition strategy. The most successful customer acquisition strategies start with a tactical lead generation campaign.

Real estate agents and brokers have access to some very powerful data that could fuel a very authoritative lead generation engine.  But only if used correctly.

In this post, we will uncover the keys to generating highly qualified sold listing leads and VOW data leads.

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What is VOW Data?

Before we get into how to use VOW data and sold listings to generate leads, it’s important to understand what it is.

Real estate websites utilize an IDX integration to display MLS listings.

MLS listings, however, are limited in the amount of information they offer.

MLS listings do not display important information prospective buyers are seeking.  They don’t show historical price fluctuations, original price listings, or number of days on the market. 

This information, known as VOW data (virtual office website), is available on real estate websites whose owners have signed up for a VOW subscription.  But is only typically accessible to website visitors that have signed up for access.

A sign-up process involves a visitor providing their contact information, such as name, email, phone, etc in exchange for access to VOW data.

When successfully signed up, a login is created for this visitor through a special member portal on the real estate website.  Now, they can access VOW data.


VOW Data Leads

When subscribing to access VOW data, a visitor willingly provides the realtor or broker with very potent lead information.  This is usually their name and contact information.

While most lead generation campaigns are abused with false data either by bots or frustrated visitors, VOW data leads can be trusted as being clean and accurate.

Why is that?

The VOW sign up process usually involves a double email authentication process.  Visitors are required to click on a verification link emailed to them during sign up.  

There are also plugins that can be integrated into the sign-up form to instantly verify a provided phone number is accurate.

Visitors are only granted login access after successfully completing the sign-up process.  This is only possible if the information provided is verified as being accurate.

Due to this multi-tiered quality control funnel, you can have confidence in the accuracy of data leads generated through granting access to VOW data.


Using MLS Listings to Generate VOW Data Leads

Displaying MLS listings on your website is a great way to spark and keep potential leads’ interest.

Visitors can be persuaded to sign up for VOW data access by signing up.

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VOW data sign up can be prompted via a pop-up form that automatically appears on the screen.  This is usually after a visitor has remained on your website for a specific period of time.

So, in other words, an MLS listing can be used to tempt potential leads to visit your website.  That, with some strategic persuasions on your website, will then generate VOW data leads.

Leads can be contacted using VOW lead data. A phone call should be an initial point of contact, followed by an email if the call is not answered.

If you are unable to establish communication with a particular lead, that lead can be transferred to an email marketing list.

E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Many leads initiate contact after a few clever email marketing campaigns, so you should never lose hope.

You could even use MLS data to create a VOW data lead generation campaign on Facebook.

This is how it would work:

Start by choosing a property that is listed on the MLS.

Next, create a landing page that states the availability of this property.

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On that same landing page, tell visitors they can sign up to view in-depth information for other properties that might be selling in the area.

Lastly, add a sign-up link.  Once clicked, visitors will get redirected to the VOW sign up page on your website.

This landing page will be visible to visitors when they click on your Facebook advertisement.

Facebook Advertising Campaign

With a Facebook advertisement campaign, your target demographic will be in the same neighbourhood of the property you mention on your landing page.

When targeting people living in the same neighbourhood as the property for sale, you are making it geographically relevant.

This can be done by mentioning the name of the neighbourhood in your ad title.

Here is an example:

“Hey Bedford Park, check out this property just listed for sale”


TREB Sold Data

TREB is the Toronto Real Estate Board.

In 2018, the TREB permitted sold data to be publicly accessible via real estate websites.

For the first time, this allowed Canadian property buyers to access historical selling prices of properties.

Having access to this information allows consumers to make calculated decisions about properties.

Since it is very beneficial information for potential buyers, TREB sold data can be used to generate sold listing leads.


Generating Sold Listings Leads

Sold data is accessible only after subscribing to VOW data. Having access to sold listings could be the reason visitors decide to sign up to obtain VOW access.

TREB sold data could also be used in a Facebook ad campaign to generate leads.

This method is similar to the method outlined above, but with a slight nuance.

You would start by creating a landing page containing the address of a recently sold property in the title.

You would then provide a field for visitors to submit their contact information in exchange for a free property evaluation.

This campaign would then target people in the same neighbourhood as the sold property.  As well as nearby surrounding neighbourhoods.

The leads that submit their information in the form would be potentially interested in also selling their home.

Here is an example of such a landing page:

vow dataFigure 1:

What you are essentially doing is using TREB sold data to generate sold listings leads.

You are establishing trust with visitors of this landing page by subconsciously making them associate the selling of this property with your agency.

In conclusion, there are plenty of potential customers that are interested in selling their property but have not taken action to do so.

By strategically using VOW data and sold listings, you could turn these potential customers into paying clients with minimal effort.


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