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How To Target Core Audiences in Facebook?

How To Target Core Audiences in Facebook?

In the vast global users of Facebook, have you ever wondered how you can target core audiences in Facebook?

After establishing your Ad Objectives on Facebook, you’ve got to take advantage of setting your main target audience through Facebook Ads’ Core Audiences. This feature helps you define your audiences according to people’s interests, location, age, gender, used devices, income level, etc. You can create Core Audiences both in the campaign setup phase or in the Audience Manager.

Target Core Audiences in Facebook


How To Target Core Audiences in Facebook? Here Are The 3 Ways:

1. Interest-based targeting

Allows you to target people specifically interested in a product and/or its relevant subjects. The interests of Facebook users are based on their likes, interests, apps they use and the pages they have liked. The more interests you selected the broader your reach will be. 

2. Location-based targeting

allows you to target people in specific locations according to country, state/region, counties, designated market area, city, postal code, and specified address radius. You can even narrow down your options based on the user’s updated location, confirmed IP address, geographic area tracked by their mobile device, or areas of travel location. 

3. Demographics-based targeting

lets you select your target audience according to age, gender, and language. You can further your selections according to political views, life events, job titles, ethnicity, and more. 

4. Behavior-based targeting

Allows you to target audiences according to their purchase history, events liked, personal anniversaries, etc. The genius of Facebook can gather data analyzing many factors and external data sets.



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