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How to Recover From a Social Media Disaster

How to Recover From a Social Media Disaster

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and one tweet to ruin it.

Building a reputable online presence for your business can take a very long time. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are used by most businesses to help brand and market themselves. It’s a cost-effective marketing tool that can be seen and heard by billions of people across the world in a matter of seconds.


So, what happens when a negative Tweet or Facebook comment gets posted on your business’ account? Being an extremely public landscape, it’s very probable that eventually an accident or undesired situation will occur. Whether it’s from a controversial statement that you didn’t quite think through, or a hacked account scenario. Both situations can potentially destroy your brand and business’ reputation overnight.

The best answer is to take ownership and apologize, regardless of whether the mistake was intentional. It may have been a disgruntled employee, a hacked account, or just a case of poor judgement. No matter what the situation, the approach you take to these issues says a lot more about your business and brand than the crisis itself. Social media doesn’t define your brand. Your approach and reaction to these things does. By jumping on issues immediately, it shows respect and grace. Avoiding these situations totally, would be ideal. But, you never know when a seemingly harmless comment might strike the wrong chord with someone and damage your company’s image.


Consider the following proactive steps and measures:

– Control the roles and permissions of your social media accounts.
– Keep your passwords complex and frequently change them.
– Set up alerts, and turn on notifications to be alerted about suspicious activity.
– Avoid comments that can be considered rude or offensive.
– Put a new and improved system into play where similar mistakes will not happen again.


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