How to Cure Writer’s Block When Creating Content for Your Website

How to Cure Writer’s Block When Creating Content for Your Website

Do you find yourself running out of ideas when creating content?

We all know that the search engines love fresh content and SEO relies heavily on it. The problem is that writing content, especially if you write daily, can be mentally exhausting. For many of us, there comes a point where you feel as though you’ve written about everything related to your niche or field at least once. Thankfully, writer’s block is only a temporary thing and there are things you can do to revive that creative mind of yours.


Use the following tips to get those typing fingers back into shape!

Challenge your audience
Create an article that challenges your audience (while relating to your field, of course). Perhaps you are a financial advisor challenging your audience to reach a financial goal by the end of the year. Or, you are a fitness expert and want to challenge your audience to give up sugar for a month. This will spark user interaction and stimulate your readers’ interest.


Read comments on other related blog sites
Reading comments on other people’s websites can bring new ideas. No matter what niche you’re in, there are always others out there writing on the same topic as you. You can get ideas from people’s comments related to their likes, dislikes and concerns. You can then elaborate further and express your own opinion on the topic.


Revisit a topic you’ve already written about in an old blog post
As long as you don’t literally duplicate posts, it’s okay to revisit a topic you have already covered in the past. Things may have changed since then, so it’s okay to rekindle that same topic and put a new spin on a previous post. Also, you may have some new audience members that you didn’t have before, and they might not have had the chance to read that original post.


Keep up with current events
Reflecting on recent news in your field is a great way to create new content. It shows that you are active in your field and your audience is more likely to return to read more great content!


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