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How To Create Facebook Custom Audiences?

How To Create Facebook Custom Audiences?

How can you position your products and services to your target audience?  Facebook custom audiences allows you to tap your past website visitors, content, or app users.

Facebook marketing expert Roberto Pacinelli explains more..


Evaluate the traffic you are getting. Check the audience interacting with your website, app, and social media. You can retarget them for your latest campaign as your Custom Audiences. 

Who knows your next big sale could be lingering within your analytics!

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Here Are The Ways How You Can Create Facebook Custom Audiences:

1. Customer Files

Your Facebook custom audience is based on your existing customer files.  These include email addresses, phone numbers, and mobile advertiser IDs.  This is suitable for newsletter subscribers or app users.

2. Website Traffic

This allows you to create remarketing campaigns for people who engage with your website. Make sure you installed Facebook Pixel to help you create audiences based on your traffic. You can target those who visited your website, specific web pages and selected web pages.  

3. App Activity

To target mobile apps audiences, you need to register your app first to set up “app events”. To create your Facebook custom audience based on app activity, target those who took specific actions in your app.  Or select the timeframe for targeted events. 

4. Engagement on Facebook

You can target any of those who visited your Facebook Page.  You can target those who engaged with your post or ads.  Those who clicked any call-to-action buttons.  And those who messaged your page, or saved your page and/or posts. These engagements reflect people’s interest in knowing more about your brand or product.


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