How To Create Professional Videos For Your Business

How To Create Professional Videos For Your Business

There was a time when creating professional videos involved thousands of dollars and a ton of hours to film and edit them.

Finding the right company that had the proper “high tech” equipment was a task in itself. But, with today’s advancements in technology, videos can be created on almost any smartphone out there. There are also dozens of free video editing software programs out there that are so user friendly, a teenager with little to no experience could figure it out.


As video sharing became more and more popular over the years (along with the explosion of YouTube), the most challenging part of creating a video today is making it interesting enough that people will want to watch it.

Just as you would with a blog article, the first question you need to ask yourself is what is your message, or goal. Make a plan of action on how you want to get that message across, and take your time doing it. Don’t rush through it.


Use these tips when creating videos for your business:


Make Your Videos Interactive
Take advantage of the interactive elements that video editing offers, such as surveys, in-video links, and forms. Your video should always have a call to action for your viewers, whether it’s voting, liking, or sharing.

Provide Value in Your Videos
All the SEO in the world won’t matter if your video doesn’t provide value to your viewers. Was it informational? Did it make you laugh? Did it solve a problem? Was it helpful in any way? If you answered no to all those questions, then it’s likely your visitors will not come back again, and more than likely they will not recommend your video to anyone.

Create Long Text Descriptions and/or Transcriptions
Now that you’ve finished that awesome video, don’t forget about search engine optimization. Before posting that video, make sure you have a good lengthy description (in text form) so the search engines and spiders can easily determine what content is contained in your video. Injecting a transcript file directly into the HTML code of the page that is hosting your video is also recommended.


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