How To Create Winnable Content For Your Local SEO

How To Create Winnable Content For Your Local SEO

With local SEO, you need to work on traditional SEO strategies with a strong emphasis on localization


A Quick Overview of Traditional SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done both On-Page and Off-Page.


On-Page SEO

Refers to the optimization of your brand through your website and its content by integrating keywords in your websites elements like text, image, or video contents in web pages and HTML formats. The main contributor here is YOU – Your Company.


Off-Page SEO

Refers to the optimization of your brand through activities done outside of your website. This can be link building activities through your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Twitter. It can also be through third-parties like listings, guest postings, or blogs on other websites, critic reviews, and etc.

They could also be in a form of reviews or brand mentions by your customers shared with any platforms except your website.  The main contributors here are you, your customers, and your partners (which may also include affiliate marketing).


According to a study, 75% of a good digital marketing strategy comes from Off-Page SEO.  However, whether through organic methods or paid ads, you are free to distribute your SEO efforts according to your target goal. 

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Since localization is the key principle to be in local SEO, what are some ideas that can be highlighted on every content? Who can share it? Where do you share it?


1. Your Website & Social Media Pages

You enhance your local SEO when you: 

  • Mention local areas in meta-tag descriptions, title tags, headings, or page URLs. 
  • Include your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) and relevant photos in blogs or articles.
  • Tag your location in social media posts. This can be your physical store, local events, or guestings you are currently in.
  • Tackle trending pain points, feature public events, get involved in charity events in your locality. Publish these in your blogs, articles, YouTube videos, or podcasts. Then, repost them on your social media.
  • Participate in sponsorship events or local interviews, post pictures/videos, and tag your hosts or co-presenter in your social media pages.
  • Acknowledge and reply to your customers’ comments from your various platforms. This nurtures loyalty and organic connection with your customers. 
  • Use paid ads at Google, Facebook, or Instagram to boost your latest offers, promotions, or lead-generation activities. 
  • In LinkedIn, grow your network by tagging your associated profiles (e.g. employees, partners, VIP clients, etc). You can also post your articles there and use appropriate hashtags. Your network can give you some positive feedback that can grow your company’s reputation. 
  • You can be in local job search pages too where your employees can give you ratings and feedback as an employer (e.g. Glassdoor, Indeed, etc).


2. Your Customers

Through their personal social media pages or blogs; through the comments section of your website and your social media pages, including GMB.

They contribute to your local SEO when they:

  • Express their customer experience through their reviews, star-ratings, and recommendations in your GMB or your Facebook Page. 
  • Take pictures or videos of any IG-worthy documentation and post it on their personal social media sites. They can tag your IG address and even use your brand hashtags. They can even mention your NAP on their descriptions.  
  • Tag check-ins at your physical store/office through their Facebook. 
  • Express their in-depth and fearless review of their experience through their blog or vlog posts. Without asking, they can add your links or mention your NAP to their descriptions for their subscribers to explore.


3. Third Parties

Through their respective websites and social media pages.

They contribute to your local SEO when they:

  • Include your link or feature you to their listings and blogs (e.g. Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc).
  • Invite you to have a guest post on their website. Integrate your NAP and link your relevant web pages to your content.  
  • Feature you on their vlog or podcast channel. Your link and NAP will be mentioned in their descriptions. 
  • Invite you to partner in local sponsorship or charity events. Since you are investing in these, they can feature your logo, links, short articles, or videos to their websites and social media pages.


Though content pumps activity into your website, context is the value that determines its worth. This context must be driven out of great customer experience because of your great products and services offered within your locality. All these in great numbers will generate great traffic to your website. 

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