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How to Advertise on Smartphones

How to Advertise on Smartphones

Are you reaching out to customers through innovative smartphone advertising?

Businesses can use smartphone ad campaigns to reach their audience effectively and create awareness for their service or product. There are a few different schools of thought as to what advertising should look like when it comes to smartphones.

Here are some different ways with brief descriptions of each type:


Push Notifications and Smartphone Apps
Smartphone apps are the doorway to push notifications. A push notification is a type of Apple iPhone advertisement associated with its app counterpart. It’s an ideal way to announce new features, articles, products or services and acts as a branding mechanism for your company.

Banners Ads
Banner ads are vital in mobile advertising. Everyone at one point or another has come across a banner ad on their smartphone. They have been proven to get good conversion rates and ROI.

Text Message Advertising
Text message advertising is a good way to reach a very specific target audience using technology based on GPS. With GPS-enabled smartphones, you can capitalize on the consumer’s physical location to advertise your relevant service or product.

Facebook Mobile Ads
You can reach specific demographics such as age, gender and location via cell phone by using Facebook mobile ads and use it as an advertising vehicle to reach potential customers on their cell phones.

In-App Advertising
Advertise by becoming part of the app itself. This option would involve working with the app developer to incorporate product placement within the app. For example, a game app that involves a slingshot/target practice type of theme, using Cheerios as ammunition instead of pellets.

Here are some mind blowing statistics on smartphones and apps:

– Of the 1.8 hours average users spend online on their smartphones each day, mobile apps account for 89 percent of this time.
– In 2015, iOS users downloaded 25 billion apps, and Android users downloaded 50 billion.
– More than 3 billion people worldwide now use the Internet, and 80 percent of them access it from smartphones.
– The majority of growth in digital media time is now being generated by the use of mobile devices, with desktop computers increasingly becoming a secondary device.
– 1.4 billion smartphones were sold in 2015.
– The mobile industry generates $3.1 trillion in annual revenue — a whopping 4.2 percent of global GDP

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