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How Social Media Marketing Affects Local SEO Ranking

How Social Media Marketing Affects Local SEO Ranking

Local SEO is part of the traditional SEO in which we observe on-page and off-page optimization. Social media marketing works hand in hand with local SEO.

Toronto SEO expert Roberto Pacinelli explains why.



When you create and build your social media sites, ensure consistency of business information across platforms as this affects how you’d rank in Google.

Using monitoring tools checking the following across your social media sites:

  1. Captions and Keywords
  2. Engagement Rate per post
  3. Traffic on your social media page


NAP Citations is one of the best ways to optimize your business’ popularity. Use this across your social media pages. Why? Every time your NAP is mentioned on websites, maps, listings, reviews, and social media sites, you gain points to rank higher in local search.

When you explore website, you’ll notice that every page has contact information and links to social media sites.  See the screenshot below.

social media marketing



Let’s take a deeper look at the 4 most popular social media marketing sites


Check out The Best Media’s Facebook page as a sample.  We included our address and phone number in the About section. Business location is important because 86% of online users check Google Maps to locate businesses.

social media advertising

Also, use the section tabs at the right side for your advantage. Visitors on your Facebook page would definitely want to know what you can do for them. On the Services section write brief descriptions of what you offer.

facebook advertising


Short copies and appealing visuals are best for Instagram. To creatively optimize your web traffic through this platform, make sure your short business description in bio includes your website address You can use link-shorteners like Bitly to save up some space in bio.

When you write captions, be geo-specific. Mention your location in your captions. Tag it and use relevant hashtags so you can easily be found on IG search. You can also mention your NAP in your captions once in a while so Google can pick this up.



Like Instagram, expand your reach via Twitter through your appealing visuals and captions. Use relevant hashtags, locations, and link-shorteners for longer links you want to share. If you have the latest promotions, offers, or campaigns, pinned your tweet on your profile to make it noticeable.

twitter advertising


Interestingly, LinkedIn studies show that an average decision maker spends time reading at least 10 pieces of content before making a final purchase decision. Also, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. This must-have organic network is something you need to keep on building! 

Unlike the previous platforms, you have ample space to introduce your business in the About section of LinkedIn. As you would observe on The Best Media’s LinkedIn profile, we have a brief description of the company, what we do, areas of specialty, location, and etc.

Aside from the consistency of the business profile, ensure all new blogs, articles, or new videos are posted across your social media platform.


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