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How SEO Will Change Because of Voice Search Technology

How SEO Will Change Because of Voice Search Technology - The Best Media

The way we search for information online is changing more and more every year.

With the increased popularity and technical advancements of voice search technology, people are beginning to find it easier to voice search on their mobile devices instead of typing on a small keyboard screen. Is this just a fad? Not likely. With virtual assistants such as Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Echo, and Apple’s Siri, Tony Stark’s world is an arm’s-length away. Who wouldn’t want their own personal “Jarvis” at home, or on their smartphone?


But what does that mean for SEO? A lot. When people voice search, they don’t just use 2-3 keywords, as you would when using a text search box. Instead, you would phrase it in a short, simple sentence. For example, if you lived in Toronto and you were looking for a Royal Bank using a search box, you would type something like “Royal Bank in Toronto”. Using the voice search method, on the other hand, would sound something like “Find me the closest Royal Bank”. This is quite different in terms of the structure of the language.

Voice search obviously uses a more natural and conversational tone.

SEO professionals are therefore starting to think differently about mobile content and search engine optimization. Voice search queries are now longer than typical text keyword search queries, so keyword targeting strategies must change as well.

Over 50% of teens and 41% of adults in the USA use voice search on a daily basis, with smartphones being the primary device that people use to search. Eventually, trying to rank on a few keywords in search results won’t be enough.

Getting ahead of the game is key. Virtual assistants and voice search technology are not going away, so it’s crucial that you make the necessary changes to ensure digital assistants and voice search software can understand your content.

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