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How Negative Keywords Will Save You Money on Google AdWords

How Negative Keywords Will Save You Money on Google AdWords - The Best Media

The most important aspect of using Google AdWords is choosing the right keywords for your campaigns.

But, have you selected any negative keywords? Negative keywords let you exclude search terms from your campaigns and help you focus on only the keywords that matter to your customers. This increased targeting will put your ad in front of the right users and increase your return on investment.  For example, take a car dealership located in Toronto. To run an AdWords campaign targeting the keywords “car dealership in Toronto” without any negative keywords would yield a ton of irrelevant users clicking your ad, racking up your AdWords costs. If the dealership only sold new cars, then “used” would be one of the negative keywords they should use.


If they only sold Mercedes, then all other makes (Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, etc) should be added to the negative keyword list. This would result in more targeted traffic, with only users that were interested in purchasing a new Mercedes from a car dealership in Toronto clicking the ad.

The negative keyword “free” would apply to almost every AdWords campaign. Most people will not spend money on a campaign to give out something for free. Although there are exceptions. For example, a free membership trial period for a gym.

The following is a list of negative keywords that would work with most AdWords campaigns:

– free
– nude
– naked
– sex
– porn
– cheap
– porno
– youtube
– craigslist
– ebay
– kijiji

Surprisingly, almost half of advertisers don’t add a single negative keyword to their accounts. If you are one of them, stop throwing your money away. Make use of negative keywords, reduce your costs, and increase your return on investment! For more on negative keywords, visit:

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