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Google Launches the Google Marketing Platform

Google Launches the Google Marketing Platform

Today, Google launched the Google Marketing Platform, combining the Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick products into a single brand.

Aside from the rebranding, Google’s touting this new platform as an integration of its existing advertising products that will facilitate better collaboration between marketing teams, and a simplification of some of the products’ features, which will make it easier for small businesses to manage their online advertising.

At this point, some of the details are scarce, and there are surely more changes to come, but let’s look at what we know as of right now:

Google Marketing Platform

Luckily, current users of Google’s advertising and analytics products will have immediate access to the Google Marketing Platform, the functionality of each individual product won’t change, billing will continue as normal and existing links between the products will be maintained.

So, now that we know what’s going to remain the same, let’s have a look at the changes that have been announced thus far:

Unified Platform

All of Google’s advertising and analytics tools will now be found on Google Marketing Platform.

Platform Home

Platform Home will replace Google Analytics 360 Suite’s Suite Home, and allow you to manage users, look at your account overview, and access administrative controls and billing, all in one place.


Integration Center

Found in Platform Home, the Integration Center will display the existing links you have between products, and suggest new links, with over 100 possible integrations with additional tools, such as other measurement providers or ad exchanges.

Product Switcher

In each product’s header, there will be a product switcher, allowing you to navigate across all the tools to which you currently have access.

New URLs

The URLs used to access Google’s products are also changing. Suite Home, now known as Platform Home, can be found at, and Google’s help center can be accessed from Thankfully, the links you’ve been using previously will now redirect you to these new URLs.

New Branding

Some of Google’s advertising products now have new names and logos. DoubleClick Search is now called Search Ads 360 and Display & Video 360 will consolidate features from Google’s display advertising products. There’s a lot of new branding here, so if I missed something, give me a break.

This launch comes shortly after several other recent changes to Google’s products. Here are some of the other changes Google has announced in the last number of weeks:

AdWords is Now Known as Google Ads

Besides the name change, Google has made a few vague (surprise, surprise) references to alterations that have been made, or will be rolling out soon.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange/DoubleClick for Publishers is Now Called Google Ad Manager

Google says that the new name better reflects what these products can do for their customers, but other than the integration of these tools, it’s still unclear exactly what’s going to change.

Google Marketing Platform Partners

This updated version of Google’s marketing partner program combines the DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners and Google Analytics Certified Partners programs.

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