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Due to the rise of Clickfunnels this new term called Funnel Marketing is quickly taking over. What is a funnel building anyways? Its simple. A marketing funnel is simply the journey your customers take starting from the point where they first learn about your business all the way to a conversion which usually takes the form of a purchase.

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What is Funnel Marketing?

A marketing funnel is the process where you examine your customers journey from beginning to end.   From the moment they learned about your business, to the last stage where they are ready to buy your product or services, and conversions start to happen.

Marketers generally separate the funnel into three sections:

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TOFU – (Top of the Funnel)

This is the stage where users gain awareness of your brand. It’s the largest part of the funnel where you’ll drive the most traffic and leads.  (This includes online ads, content marketing, and social media marketing._

MOFU – (Middle of the Funnel)

This is the stage where you want to start the nurturing process. As your funnel narrows, you build more interest in those who still want to learn about your brand. (This includes ebooks, newsletters, and webinars.

BOFU – (Bottom of the Funnel)

This is the final stage where users will take action.  It’s the last chance where you can convince your users to buy.  (This would include things such as pricing packages, special promotions, or demo’s.)


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Why Does Funnel Building Work Better?

Why do we even bother with funnel building?

Marketing funnels have proven to be the best conversion tools.  Your marketing strategy should always include at least one funnel on your website’s landing page.


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Digital marketing campaigns that use proven funnel marketing will deliver the right content to your audience at the right time.


Funnel Marketing is Awesome Because:

  • It’s quick to develop and get out to the market
  • It has proven templates and strategies
  • It’s the most efficient way to get your conversions
  • The marketing tools does not require a developer
  • It makes it easier to reach targeted customers with relevant content


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Want to learn some useful tips on how to increase your conversions with video?   Watch this video.

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