Free Online Classes for Internet Marketing Beginners

Free Online Classes for Internet Marketing Beginners

There isn’t a business out there that wouldn’t benefit from digital marketing.

Today, having a website and knowing how to promote it is a necessity, just as you would register your company’s name with your state or province. You can’t do without it.



So, where do you start? As a beginner, there is so much information out there on the web that it will make your eyes spin. So, before you start spending all of your hard-earned money on webmasters, SEO professionals or training courses, do some research. Self-education does not always come at a cost.


Here are some completely free courses for the Internet Marketing novice:


1. SEO Training Course

If you’re a business owner who is confused by SEO and looking for some simple advice that works, this course, hosted by Moz, is for you. It’s ideal for those who need a very basic introduction to the world of search engine optimization with very easy-to-digest explanations. It’s designed specifically for those with no prior knowledge or experience.


2 Creating a WordPress Website

No programming experience required. WordPress is simple to use and doesn’t require coding or other technical knowledge to create a website for your business. It’s one of the easiest blogging and content management systems to learn. Within a few hours, you will know the basic fundamentals for publishing a fully functional website.


3. Social Media Marketing

Social media can not be ignored if you are a business owner. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc, are all major driving forces for most businesses because of the impact it has on SEO and ranking. It’s a vital aspect of the Internet marketing world. This course will teach you the do’s and don’ts of social media, and tells you how to avoid common mistakes made by most beginners.


Rob Pacinelli

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