“the base that is built below the surface of the ground to support a building”



Using the blueprint created during the Discovery, we are noW able to get building and create a rock solid foundation for your business to achieve your goals. A solid foundation for success when it comes to your marketing activities includes the following:


  • Personas & Buyers Journey 
  • Branding (What is your story?)
  • Web Design & Development
  • Establishing KPI’s
  • Google Analytics Traffic Reports With Insights
  • Webmaster Service

Just like any construction project, the foundation must be capable to support the rest of the project, so it is critical to ensure we have the most updated and accurate information in our blueprint. To learn more about creating a blueprint for your business visit: Construction Marketing Blueprint


Are you ready to get started with your Foundation?

View Our Recent Case Studies:

milhouse-logo Case Study (Personas, New Website & SEO):



  • 9% increase in Website's Organic Traffic In the 4th Month
  • Better Recruitment with a major emphasis on their culture & employees
  • Improved Status and Online Reputation within their industry
  • Better user experience with fast loading pages & easy navigation
  • Visually engaging website that tells the Milhouse story
deckremodelerslogo Case Study

(Website Design Using Smart Video Content, SEO):



  • 39% Instant Decrease In Bounce Rate
  • 57% Increase In Page Views
  • 44% Increase In Pages Per Session
  • Visually Engaging Website Using Smart Video Content

Let's Create Your Foundation