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Facebook Advertising Budget – How To Set Yours!

Facebook Advertising Budget – How To Set Yours!

Every marketing strategy would require business owners like you to allot a budget for advertisements. How does it work on Facebook Ads?

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First off, you need to ask yourself these questions:

1. How will my ad look like?
2. What set of audience do I  want to reach?
3. How much budget am I willing to pay for ads?

Once you settled your answers to these questions, you are ready to take the next steps:

1. Design your ad creative.
2. Write your ad copy.
3. Place your ad on Facebook by setting your desired duration, audience, and budget.

How to Set The Budget for Your Facebook Ad? 

1. Set Your Budget

You can freely set your total budget for the ad you’d like to run. For example, if your total budget is USD 50, your ad will continue to run until it stops up to the generated charge of up to USD 50. 

2. Daily Budget

You can set an average budget for your ad on a daily basis. If you set a daily budget of USD 10 over the course of five days, you’ll be charged up to USD 50 in total.  Your budget allocation for each ad campaign is flexible. You have to keep in mind that you need to monitor the performance of your ad. Check if you are getting the results you desired. If not, you may need to launch a new ad.


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