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Join the thousands of other businesses currently profiting from Facebook Ads and start getting the results your business deserves. That’s right, there are literally tens of thousands of other businesses advertising on Facebook right now and making a profit.

facebook marketing services

Did you know that Facebook has over 2.2 Billion Active monthly users?

Never before has one platform created such a huge opportunity for businesses to market their services. There are so many false beliefs about Facebook Ads and social media in general and this is causing so many businesses around the world unnecessary heartache and pain. How many times have you heard or said things like this below:

Facebook advertising

Popular False Beliefs About Facebook Marketing:

  • Facebook advertising doesn’t work
  • Only old people use Facebook
  • Facebook ads are too expensive

As a result of these false beliefs, Facebook has become one of the most overlooked online advertising channels of all time!


So why should you pay attention?

Pay attention because this is a massive opportunity for any business currently not taking advantage of this platform to help grow your business. This opportunity is so massive because of the low cost of Facebook Ads in general. Going forward 5 years from now, you will see the cost of Facebook Advertising increase by at least 500%.

If Facebook Ads don’t work, then why is their revenue growing so fast? Check out this chart below and see for yourself.

facebook ads

The main reason a digital marketer is not profitable on Facebook is that they are not doing it well enough to be profitable. There is a way to do Facebook ad campaigns correctly that will result in profit and there are many more ways to do it incorrectly resulting in huge losses and campaigns with no results.

Creating a successful Facebook advertising campaign for any business takes a lot of work, effort, strategy, and split testing in order to get amazing results. If you expect to simply put together a campaign on Facebook and viola, expect huge profits then you are wrong!

There are so many strategies and constant optimization and testing needed to set yourself up for success. Regardless of your industry, there is a right way and a wrong way to conduct your campaigns. After many years and spending millions of dollars in ad budget on Facebook marketing campaigns, we know how to do it right.

Hire the Facebook advertising agency with the right experience and mindset to help grow your business and take it to the next level.

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Today, when ignorance about digital knowledge is so common, everybody is labeling themselves as a Digital Marketing expert, an SEO guru, or a Facebook Ads Ninja without any iota of proof backing their claims.

In spite of all the noise in the world of Digital Marketing, we have maintained our integrity by backing what we say with results & facts. This is clearly demonstrated in the success of our campaigns as well as through positive reviews from happy clients.

Below is a list of the salient features that I implement in my service to make you money. We have left out the basics of setting up the campaign, split-testing the ads & other basic stuff that should be taken for granted with every campaign.

1.) Determining Market Sophistication

Before the ad copy or creatives are worked upon we will determine the market sophistication which roughly translates to “Are people aware of their need for your product?” So we need to understand If they are aware of the pain that your product solves and if there are competitors in your market.

This helps in crafting appropriate ads that hit directly at the state the consumer is currently in for maximum effectiveness.

2.) Setting up Custom Audiences

Then we set up multiple Custom Audiences and test them all. If you have past data, then this helps in finding similar audiences to your customers to help you optimize the campaign even better by re-targeting & segmenting users who are likelier to become customers based on the actions they took in the past.

Maybe you don’t have past Facebook data, no problem. We will set this up for you on your website or APP and start building appropriate audiences.

3.) Creating ads tailored to your customer’s awareness

As discussed above, it’s important to use appropriate wording that resonates with the consumer’s state of mind & awareness levels.

I use a very copywriting-esque approach to designing the ads which speak not only the language of your customer but helps in getting your company’s message across in the best way possible.

Setting up an evergreen funnel for your business

With the creatives, audiences & targeting ready, we now set up multiple campaigns that target your future customer at every point in their purchase cycle.

This includes 1 main campaign & multiple retargeting campaigns. The campaigns can range from single image ad, carousel ad, video ad, and so on. Ad formats are chosen to keep in mind the requirements of the campaign.

People buy when they want to buy not when you want to sell them

All of this makes sure you are not leaving any potential customers behind just because of the lack of your product’s awareness. And that you are in front of your customer when he/she decides to buy your product/service.

4.) Monitoring & Optimisation

Once the campaign is launched, they are monitored on a daily – hourly basis. This makes sure you are not spending money on non-performing ads. Appropriate optimization updates are made to the campaign wherever & whenever required.

5.) Budget Allocation & Scaling

As you would be aware, scaling campaigns is the no. 1 challenge troubling advertisers these days. Marketers in general have a hard time scaling campaigns without having their CPA increase to exorbitant levels.

With our experience of handing millions of dollars in ad spend by running 1000s of campaigns, we use techniques that allow you to scale efficiently.

This not only helps minimize the CPA fluctuation upon budget increase but often decreases the eventual CPA. These methods also help in scaling the campaign for your desired volume goals at a very fast pace.

6.) Post Campaign Optimization

Once the desired CPA & volume goals are achieved, we continue to monitor & optimize the campaign to avoid a decrease in performance. This is done via continuous updates to the campaign in the form of creatives, targeting, bidding amongst a lot of other things.

There are innumerable smaller details that go into the success of a campaign which can’t be covered here & which an average marketer or somebody not familiar with Facebook Ads often overlook.

However, with our experience in Facebook Ads, we make sure these smaller details are never overlooked but are taken advantage of.

This is what makes The Best Media different from other agencies offering Facebook Advertising and enables us to get the kind of results we get for our clients.