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Which Ad Objective Is Best For Your Facebook Campaign?

Which Ad Objective Is Best For Your Facebook Campaign?

Knowing the best objective for your Facebook campaign is the key to effectively bring your ad creative before your target audience. 

Let this blog guide you in your ad decision-making process as we take a brief look at each ad objective. 

The 11 Facebook Ad Objectives

1. Brand awareness 

Objective: To reach new customers to introduce to your brand and/or increase the brand awareness level of those who are already familiar with your product.

Key strategy: It’s perfect for beginning-of-the-funnel campaigns to make an impression on new customers.

2. Reach

Objective: To maximize the visibility of your ad to reach as many people as possible in your target audience.

Key Strategy: You can forecast your reach depending on how you want to run your ad campaigns. You can boost your visibility based on the duration of views (impressions) or reach (ad show to as many people as possible). Between the two, reach is the best option to keep your ad frequency low with high reach.

3. Traffic

Objective: To send users to a specific page of your choice e.g. website, specific landing page, or app page. This typically links users to more information about your products and services. This can also be used as a lead magnet. 

Key Strategy: Make sure your ad copy is consistent with the landing page you are linking.

4. App installs

Objective: To engage users through your app which directly provides beneficial products and services.

Key Strategy: This is an excellent option if you have an app and you want more downloads to engage more customers through mobile. App installs require technical considerations in creatives and optimization.


5. Engagement

Objective: This focuses on the user’s interactive engagement through post likes. Page likes or event responses.

Key Strategy: Engagements campaigns are straight-forward and work best when creating powerful social proof on your organic content. You can use this in increasing your Facebook event attendance, promoting high-performing posts, and connecting new users interested in your brand.

6.Video views

Objective: Video ads can yield exceptional results since it is highly visual and engaging.

Key Strategy: Use videos for introductory campaigns to share your brand information to new users.

7. Lead generation

Objective: This objective is directly aligned with the lead gen ad format like auto-fill forms accessible in mobile and desktop. It also offers a free ebook, consultation, or in-person class as add-on value to new users.

Key Strategy: You can choose a bidding strategy: Target Cost or Lowest Cost.

8. Messages

Objective: This objective is a growing trend. It aims to take your audience from your ad to a messaging platform like Messenger or WhatsApp to engage a direct conversation with you.

Key Strategy: If you optimize for “Replies”, you will have more impressions.

9. Conversions

Objective: Sales, email newsletter, sign-ups, and course registration counts specific types of conversion.

Key Strategy: Use Facebook Pixel to optimize the right conversions. You can add offers to your campaigns.


10. Catalog sales

Objective: This objective directly showcases your product catalogs to relevant audiences to engage and drive sales.

Key Strategy: Optimize for link clicks, conversion events, and impressions. 

11.Store visits

Objective: This is a very tricky objective since it is harder to track since it is driving offline actions.

Key Strategy: You can add clickable maps in your carousel slides to which users can access to see where you are in relation to their location. You can also use Page Insights on Facebook to check “People Nearby Who Saw Your Ads” to track the accuracy of your ad campaigns. Store Visit Optimization is also the best and exclusive for this objective. It ensures actions from users who are most likely to visit your store in person.

What do you think of these 11 marketing objectives? Choosing the right one for you will result in a significant yield on your ad results. Be sure to run split testing early on to assess which ads work best.

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