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How To Take Advantage of Facebook Audiences?

How To Take Advantage of Facebook Audiences?

So, you’ve got your budget ready for your  Facebook Advertising and your campaigns are good to take off.  But first, before you launch your ads, review the type of customers you’d like to attract if you don’t want to put your budget to waste.


Facebook Business can help you expand your reach by creating Facebook Audiences. Allow your budget to work best by setting the right target audience.


Here’s a list of terms that you need to remember as you Set Up Your Ads Based On Target Audience:


Facebook Audiences



Your ideal customers usually belong in this type of audiences. Since you have prior knowledge of your target persona, you can already set up your ads based on the following criteria:

Demographics – make your ad visible to groups of people according to their age, gender, education, job, and etc.

Location – select cities, communities, and/or countries you want your ads to be visible

Interest – reach out to those people whose interests are relevant to your ads.

Network – make your ads visible to people who are already on your Facebook Page or past events.

Behavior – project your ads according to the consumer behavior (e.g. past purchases)


Get hold of those people who previously engaged with your business. This can be your repeat customers or those who visited your pages online. Scan through these sources to get your leads: 

Website Visitors – Using Facebook Pixel, you can create your Custom Audience automatically. This tool will help you place your ads according to the items your website visitors viewed. 

Contact Lists – Use our CRM or email lists to reconnect to your target audience via Facebook.

App Users – Place relevant ads to let people take in-app actions such as viewing an item or making a purchase. 


As you expand your reach to new people who have similar traits and interests with your best customers, you are most likely to receive ad conversion. So, be sure to study your best customers since your observation data can help you multiply your profit! 

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