Don’t Ever Make These Dreadful SEO Mistakes!

Don’t Ever Make These Dreadful SEO Mistakes!

Search engine optimization is a lot like your credit rating.

It’s a long process to build it up, and it can be severely damaged with just a few mistakes. By now, most website owners know that black hat SEO techniques should be avoided. However, there are many SEO errors that can be made without any ill-intentions.

The following are some of the things that website owners often overlook when it comes to building your online reputation and SEO:


Guest Posting on Other Sites Without Investigating the Site

Guest posting is a great way to gain exposure and build links to your website. However, posting on just any site can lead to serious consequences and can have a reverse effect – damaging your SEO and rankings. Before posting to a site, be sure to practice due diligence with some investigating. Is the site trustworthy? Is the website relevant to yours, sharing a similar target market? Does it provide quality content? Do they receive positive reviews from their users? These are questions you need to ask yourself before posting. Guest posting on websites that are low quality, spammy, or have no relevance to your niche will cause more damage than good.

Using Frames

Frames and iFrames have their place at times, but should generally be avoided whenever possible if you’re looking to get a particular page indexed. Never use frames as a method of navigating content on your website, as it only makes the content difficult for search engines to index. Google is pretty clear on where they stand on this. If you must use Frames, make sure that each frame has a sensible name and title that gives a clear indication of the content within that frame.

Failing to Use Transcripts With Your Videos and Audio Files

Search engines can’t determine the content of video and audio files unless you use transcripts. Including a transcript in the item description field will allow search engines (and also YouTube) to understand your video files and ensure that they will get indexed and included in search results. Transcripts do not necessarily need to be word-for-word. A summary along with targeted keywords should do the job.

Posting Garbage Content

When it comes to website content, quality trumps quantity. Quite often, website owners will opt to hire low paid writers to produce content for their sites. While this may seem like a viable option (as it saves you an enormous amount of time and money), don’t expect there to be any real benefits to this from an SEO standpoint. First of all, it’s not hard for readers to notice a poorly written article. Spelling mistakes, bad grammar, and repetitiveness are not only considered bad practices, but these things are also irritating for readers. Article spinners (software that can reword content to make it look unique) can be even worse. Because they will only reword certain words and phrases, proper grammar is often overlooked and the chances of search engines flagging you for duplicate content are even greater when using article spinners.

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