Does Your Business Need Local SEO?

Does Your Business Need Local SEO?


Businesses compete for higher rankings in search engine results. The higher the rankings means the greater the visibility to potential customers. With greater CTRs (click-through-rate), the higher the probability of your conversions. This now spells $-$-$!

While many maximize their efforts on SEO and paid ads on Google, another highly recommended strategy to take advantage of is Local SEO.



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Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization is part of SEO focusing on the local search territory and local audience. Traditional SEO prioritizes businesses’ online visibility at a larger scale (national or global area) while Local SEO specifically targets its local area of operation. Narrowing the search of your products and services based on physical location makes your business easier to find by those who are looking for them online.



Let me share with you a few interesting Local SEO facts based on statistics gathered by Hubspot.

I hope after you gain some insights, you’d be able to check if Local SEO is good for your business.

Interesting Fact #1:
of all Google searches are based on local information queries. The majority of searchers use the internet to find what they need.


Interesting Fact #2:
“Near me”
or “Close by” are the most typed searches that grew beyond 900% over the past two years. Online users always search for products and services that are easier to access. Close proximity matters a lot!

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Interesting Fact #3:
92% of searchers tend to pick results from the first page of the local search. Results within preferred proximity allow online searchers to have few selections for easier decision-making.

Interesting Fact #4: 61% of mobile searchers are most probably to contact a local business with a mobile-friendly site. The growing number of mobile users demand the need for local SEO.

Interesting Fact #5: 28% of local searches convert to purchases. Specific search terms of online users with their preferred proximity show their readiness to avail of products or services. Local SEO paves the way to positive conversions!


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